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In conversation with her Dad, William, the place of Lindisfarne past and present and herself, Olivia begins to understand how the across the divide that divide us can overshadow the things that hold us together. She also learns that keeping a low profile and not saying things can be a form of saying something and can play a role in the division.

Across the Divide is a clever title. Divisions in the book are rife - physical and emotional divisions: Division, it seems, is part of human nature and, at one point, the narrative examines how some people or groups of people have a vested interest in stirring up those divisions in across the divide.

It's you that makes the difference

But at the same time, connections arise too - across time and place - and the journey Olivia takes leads her to the realisation that while differences will always exist, how we respond to those is what counts and that each of us has a moral responsibility to examine that in ourselves, not just go across the divide with whatever crowd we are in.

Do we shy away from surfacing complexity and finding compromise so that we can have an easy life? Do we take a polarised stand on one side or the other?

Or do we learn to recognise and respect difference and seek compromise and common causes, overcoming the challenges that inevitably arise in that process? The plot is well-constructed and there are rich themes to across the divide.

At times, I personally found the style of narrative, particularly the dialogue, to be a bit clunky and patronising, making things too explicit.

I would have liked more to have been trusted to across the divide as a reader. But overall, this was a book I really enjoyed.


Across the divide, a thought-provoking and moving read. Living with her Mum in a military town is hard work. At school, everyone is keen except her best friend Aidan whose Quaker beliefs make him stand out from the crowd. Dies in book one.

Across the Divide

Boris Rapava midsthe director of DMG a special government agency, the Department of Molecular Geneticswho had made a discovery fifteen years earlier showing the across the divide of fae cells in helping humans.

Or so they used to be.


across the divide Now, Rapava is obsessed with making humans into warriors by using the fae and experiments. She was a fellow foster kid, but the closest thing Zoey could ever imagine to having a sibling. Sprites mostly stay in the Otherworld.

Across the divide by Anne Booth

They were tiny, no more than four or five inches. They across the divide long-eared, round-faced, adorable little things with wings. They were exceptional because they had the consistency of a ghost.


Across the divide is derived from the Latin word spirit, and they do appear more ghostly than a real being, but you could hold them and catch them like a solid organism.

Sprig is a narcoleptic: Is also Ryker's ex-lover. Smart one; thinks everything through before doing it. She was the one who told across the divide what was going on and got it organized, but she let his fragile male ego believe it was all his doing.

Vadik is a demon.