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Application of Chess Theory

Quite often the chess world witnesses some curious creative duels which sometimes last for several years. They proceed according to the following typical scheme.

Two players have played a game.

On meeting each other again, they choose the same variation, without any prior agreement, of course, thus adding a psychological struggle to the purely chess struggle.

Over each of them, like a sword of Damocles, hangs the anxious thought: On what move has he prepared a surprise, and has he application of chess theory fact prepared one?

This enabled readers around the world to read the same games and annotations, application of chess theory greatly accelerating the dissemination of chess ideas and the development of opening theory.

The editors of Chess Informant later introduced other publications using the same principle, such as the five-volume Encyclopedia of Chess Openings and Encyclopedia of Chess Endings treatises.

Chess Informant was originally published twice a year, and since has been published thrice annually. Volume was published in These include both comprehensive openings encyclopedias such as the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings and Modern Chess Application of chess theory general treatises on how to play the opening such as Mastering the Chess Openings in four volumesby International Master John L.

Leading player and theorist Aron Nimzowitsch's [65] influential books, My System[66] Die Blockade in German[67] and Chess Praxis[68] [69] are among the application of chess theory important works on the middlegame.

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He pointed out how in positions with interlocking pawn chains, one could attack the chain at its base by advancing application of chess theory own pawns and carrying out a freeing move pawn break. He also drew attention to the strategy of occupying open files with one's rooks in order to later penetrate to the seventh rank where they could attack the enemy pawns and hem in the opponent's king.

Chess theory - Wikipedia

Solving chess would imply knowing who will win from the initial starting position i. And more recently it has been shown that an average chess player in partnership with a modern application of chess theory program can beat grandmasters by themselves or the best of modern computer programs i.

Chess is a game that changes as you get better and more studied in playing the game. One of the most important books I've ever read was Emanuel Lasker's Manual of Chess published now quite a long time ago yet still a classic and great book.


In the main, yes, because victory in them brought me that which attracts me more than anything in chess. Defeats are also instructive, of course, but that is a quite different topic The games are grouped in a rather unusual way - according to opening.