Authoritative leadership is one of the first six leadership styles introduced by psychologist Daniel Goleman in his theory of emotional intelligence. Authoritative leaders, according to Goleman, are those who can articulate a vision, and mobilize people toward that vision. The article analyzes hallmarks and peculiarities of the authoritative leadership style in the modern business world. Interested in learning about different leadership styles and adjusting yours? Read on the most comprehensive guide on authoritarian.


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An unsurpassed speaker, he was able to confidently stay authoritative leadership the public and easily mastered its attention, which enabled him to effectively communicate his thoughts.

Authoritarian leadership style - Wikipedia

Application of Authoritative Leadership The akin style works well in business, at the initial stage of the company formation, when the staff does not have a common vision of strategic aims authoritative leadership ways to gain them.

Visionary type is the most resultful when authoritative leadership comes to solving single-valued and rectilinear assignments.


Teams refer to it in controversial situations or during appearance serious problems due to ignoring the guidance of the administration. Bellwethers use it to find a common language with newcomers or create a new image for authoritative leadership firm.

On the contrary, a similar approach is ineffective when trying to cope with an extraordinary project, requiring some freedom to disclose a creative authoritative leadership of workers.

Studies have shown, although, in a quantitative ratio under authoritative conditions, a large volume of orders could be made, while their originality and novelty suffer significantly.

Experts recommend this type of supervision apply exclusively in the short authoritative leadership in relation to single-minded and talented wage-earners. It cannot justify itself if the head is not perceived as a reliable person and does not take care of own personnel.

authoritative leadership


Under the framework, the power of decision-making rests solely in the hands of the leader. An authoritarian model rests on the assumption that subordinates are removed authoritative leadership the decision making, with the leader authoritative leadership able to make decisions on their own.

What is authoritarian leadership? definition and meaning -

The leader presides over the policies and processes. The style involves a lot of micromanagementas the leader is authoritative leadership just making the decisions, but also setting out the different processes.

Instead, the leader outlines the different procedures and policies all subordinates must adhere to. The subordinates are directly supervised and monitored by the leader. authoritative leadership

Authoritative Leadership Styles

The monitoring ensures the leader is able to use the reward and punishment structures efficiently, as well to ensure the team is not slipping further away from the vision.

Essentially the authoritarian leadership framework relies on two things: The power is in the hands of the leader, with established and clear hierarchy. The structure is pre-determined authoritative leadership therefore, guarantees everyone in the organization is aware of his or her place.

Furthermore, the purpose of the framework is to improve and to guarantee efficiency. By setting up the procedures, removing the uncertainty of decisions, and enforcing strict supervision, the aim is to drive up productivity and organizational efficiency. Achieving this is a major objective of the leadership model.

Authoritarian leadership framework in action What does all of the above look in action? Since the leadership style has such a clear structure, it also operates in a specific authoritative leadership.

Authoritarian leadership

In fact, for the authoritative leadership style to work, the framework authoritative leadership be perfectly established and followed. If the structure misses a key element, the style can lead to more disadvantages, creating more problems than what it solves. If you examine the leadership style in operation, you can narrow down four key elements that are essential for its success.

These key elements also work as steps to establishing the structure, as you need to figure out the first in order to move on to the next one — a chain reaction of characteristics.

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First element involves the establishment of the vision and objective.