Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan. Swami Muktananda ( - ), the Siddha Guru, resided for the latter part of his life in Ganeshpuri, India. His inner blaze electrified a generation of people. We are writing this article in order to introduce a new way of understanding the late spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda , who.


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You live what you preach She had been entrusted to the ashram by her parents, and was being cared for by Baba muktananda laundress and chauffeur.


The baba muktananda "told me Baba was doing things to her," said Chandra. Charges of sex against Muktananda continued. Inone of Muktananda's swamis, Stan Trout, wrote an open letter accusing his guru of molesting Little girls on the pretext of checking their virginity.

Baba muktananda letter caused a stir, but word didn't go beyond the ashram.

The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda

In a "Memo from Baba," Muktananda merely answered that "devotees should know the truth by their own experience, not by the letters that they receive You should be happy that I'm still alive and healthy and that they haven't tried to hang me. The people in the ashram thought baba muktananda was a great honor to be beaten by the guru.

No one asked the peasants' opinion. Muktananda's ubiquitous valet, Noni Patel, was a regular target of his master's wrath. While on tour in Denver, Noni came down to the kitchen to baba muktananda treated for a strange wound in his side.

The other was Joe Don Looney, an ex-football player with a reputation for troublemaking on the five NFL teams he played for, and a criminal record.


They were known as the "enforcers"; Muktananda used them to keep people baba muktananda line. On the guru's orders, Sripati once picked a public fight with then-swami Stan Trout at the South Fallsburg ashram.

He came down from Boston, where Muktananda was staying, and punched Trout to the ground without provocation. Long-time devotee Abed Simli saw the attack, but figured Sripati had just flipped out.

Michael Baba muktananda knew otherwise.

Baba muktananda, a big man, was instructed not to interfere. A German boy in his twenties, whom Dinga described as "obviously in a disturbed state" had started flailing around during a meditation baba muktananda. The German was hauled outside, put under a cold shower, stripped naked, and laid out on a concrete slab behind the ashram.

Dinga said the German just sat in a full lotus position, and tried to steel himself against what happened next.

Muktananda - Wikipedia

Noni Patel took a rubber hose, a foot-and-a-half long, and beat and questioned the boy for thirty minutes while a large black man called Hanuman held him. Tibetan and Zen Buddhist stories are full of sharp blows that stop the baba muktananda rational minds long enough for them to become enlightened.

Couldn't that have been what Muktananda was doing? That in itself is the biggest danger of having a perfect master lead any kind of group - there's no safeguard. Chandra saw Noni's gun, Muktananda's successor Subash's gun, and the shotgun Muktananda kept in his baba muktananda.

Others saw guns in the hands of "enforcer" Sripati and ashram manager Yogi Ram. The manager of the Indian ashram showed Richard Grimes a pistol that had been smuggled baba muktananda India for his use.

One devotee opened a paper bag in an ashram vehicle in Santa Monica, and found ammunition in it. A woman who ran the ashram bakery for many years said she knew baba muktananda people had guns, but that it never bothered her.

The Santa Monica ashram, for baba muktananda, was in a very rough neighborhood, she said, and the guns were strictly for protection.