Brigands M.C. by Robert Muchamore - A new member of CHERUB gets the chance to avenge the death of his family in the eleventh book of the CHERUB series. Brigands MC is the next installment in the series. It was released in September A special Blue cover was released for a limited time only. The bike is also. Listen to "Brigands M.C. Book 11" by Robert Muchamore available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Simon Scardifield. Start a free day trial today and get.


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As I read the blurp I found it quite interesting so I decided to read the first few pages and brigands mc away I became fixa The category that this book fits into on the bingo board is a book with a male potagonist. As I brigands mc the blurp I found it quite interesting so I decided to read the first few pages and straight away I became fixated with reading Cherub books ever since.

What I liked about the book was that the amount of action, dram and romance that made it in it's own way a fantasy.

Brigands MC (book)

This book also drew you into it making you think, boy I can imagine myself right now being apart of all the vibe. Scotty and another biker brigands mc in to help.

Teeth ducked down beside Dante and spoke in a whisper. You can take him easy.

Will you get up there and fight for the honor of my Brigands patch? He deserves some pain. By this time there were nearly forty people in the room. The honor of defending the Brigands Motorcycle Club will be taken brigands mc by someone his own size. brigands mc

Brigands M.C.

Namely, young Dante Scott! The ring felt huge and its height gave a strange sense of isolation.


Two things occurred to him. Second, he thought about school and how his teacher made kids shake hands and sit together for the whole of the following lesson if they got in a fight. Dante felt like he lived in two different worlds. Getting cornered is the worst brigands mc a brigands mc can do, but Martin had never boxed in his life and held his arms crossed meekly in front his face.

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Dante closed fast and threw a punch. He was surprised by how swiftly Martin dodged and he thought—almost hoped—that the fight would be more even than everyone assumed. Brigands mc decides to escape.

James arrives to find Dante holding the crossbow and suspects brigands mc worst, but Dante tells James that he lacked the nerve.

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Dante calls himself brigands mc coward but James assures him that he spared the Fuhrer because he was a better person. Dante, cheering up, reveals that he left a message on the Fuhrer's desk: The cherubs brigands mc to campus.


Lauren and Rat reconcile. James and Kerry get back together, but Kerry threatens Brigands mc if he cheats on her again.


Dante is reunited with Holly who was on a skiing trip in New Zealand when Dante first brigands mc. Brigands National President Sealclubber is one of the first casualties, and the Fuhrer succeeds him as National President.