マガジンハウス a century of ISAMU NOGUCHI-アート&デザイン界に今なお輝く、イサム・ノグチ伝説(マガジンハウスムック CASA BRUTUS) [ムックその他] に関する. CASA Brutus / Tokyo. May 7, CASA Brutus / TokyoBari ZipersteinT+ CASA Brutus / Tokyo. IMG_ editor-in-chief ko matsubara:casa BRUTUS was first issued as a special edition of popular men's lifestyle publication BRUTUS in it.


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A case in point is Casa Brutus casabrutus. Its parent company, Magazine House, Ltd.

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Tokyo casa brutus, is a well-established magazine publisher that has ten lifestyle magazines under its wing, including Brutus, Ginza, and Popeye. While Brutus explores urban male lifestyles, Casa Brutus focuses more on design lifestyle rather than on specific gender characteristics.

As a result, it boasts a casa brutus readership among men and women that stands at 55 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

Casa BRUTUS - SORI YANAGI - Magazine House Mook

Its wide range of design content covers everything from products and furniture items to interior design trends and relevant event information.

It also sponsors Tokyo Designers Week every autumn and has been publishing a free magazine called Daily Casa for 13 straight years under the belief that a company like Magazine Casa brutus has a responsibility to inform the public about the extensive number of design events going on casa brutus Tokyo.

It will also attract potential readers who are interested in design. What has changed significantly over the years and what has remained casa brutus same at Casa Brutus? We started in as a monthly magazine.

Casa’s Nekomura san | カーサ ブルータス Casa BRUTUS

This slogan embodies our dedication to the design required for leading a life of convenience and partaking casa brutus design that enriches our lives.

More recently, Japanese people have become more focused casa brutus our own day-to-day lives as opposed to international trends. Casa Brutus also publishes Mook, which examines architecture, travel, and food.

Why did you see the need for such a magazine? That way we can reprint it if one particular edition of Mook sells out. Have you ever considered a bilingual version of Casa Brutus? She loves magazines and casa brutus all about the private lives of celebrities.

Casa Brutus

Deputy Editor Art House Director is really into his work, pumped, and masculine. He always wears tinted glasses, but I casa brutus his lower eyelashes are long.

Deputy Editor Nishida is so kind. Sometimes he favors me with extra sweets. Casa brutus desktop is always well-organized. He must love tidiness. Deputy Editor the Other One always wears the latest looks and has the air of someone who should be in a magazine.

Business Casual He tends to open his collar as wide as is feasible. On days off, a bit wider.


Mitomi I owe him everything.