Daniel Lippel lives in New York, and he is an active recitalist, chamber musician, and recording artist. He is the guitarist for contemporary music ensembles ICE. There was just a great thread on classical guitar pieces, which led me to wonder what some _modern_ and/or contemporary classical guitar. This is a list of selected contemporary repertoire for guitar. The pieces in this list were by notable composers (outside of the so-called "guitar world"), or composers whose work has significance in contemporary classical music history.‎Solo · ‎Works with tape/electronics.


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The language is chromatically saturated and the textures are rather thin to the eye, mostly single notes, in variegated arpeggio textures or repeated notes and figurations.

Shifting Aesthetics: Classical Guitar in Contemporary Concert Music

There are few chordal passages and just a smattering of overtly notated counterpoint. John Anthony Lennon b. The latter is an ambitious set contemporary classical guitar 12 studies and is a major contribution to the etude repertoire.

In addition to these solo works, Lennon has written chamber music and a concerto.

Classical Guitar

Many can play the instrument to varying degrees and many studied it. These composers contemporary classical guitar familiar with the modern guitar classics of Ponce, Villa-Lobos, Frank Martin, Britten, Berkeley, and Walton, through the contemporary classical guitar of powerful personalities and were equally familiar with the instrumental exploits of such figures as Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, and Eric Clapton, as well as jazz greats like Joe Pass and Jim Hall.

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Therefore, in the music of Lennon and composers such as Joseph Schwantner b. In turn, the vitality of this generation, its performers and contemporary classical guitar, clearly impressed the older, more established generation.

Picking Through the Repertoire: A HyperHistory of the Contemporary American Classical Guitar

But he contemporary classical guitar not return to writing for the guitar for 40 years, when he effectively incorporated an involved and extensive guitar part into Syringafor mezzo, baritone, and 11 players.

Changes quickly became standard repertoire for guitarists throughout the world and is a frequent requirement in major competitions. Shard was later incorporated into the chamber work Luimen In the final decade of his life, Vincent Persichetti composed a minute Parable for solo guitarthe 21st in his series contemporary classical guitar parables for solo instruments.

The guitar writing here is superb in all respects. Beginning with a simple germinal idea using intervals of fifths and fourths, the work is texturally varied with contemporary classical guitar singing lines, 3-part counterpoint, sweeping arpeggios, rasqueados, and staccato repeated notes.


Likewise, the Suite for Guitar by Ned Rorem b. This suite of seven movements contains a kaleidoscopic array of moods: Also in seven movements but anything but spare, Kurze Schatten II is a work contemporary classical guitar enormous complexity, delicately noted with painful specificity.

This work is revolutionary in the guitar repertoire and will, no doubt, knock you off your chair, so rarely does guitar music seem to come from another world.

Ferneyhough uses several microtonal tunings throughout the course of the piece. Uniquely American, this genre of guitar contemporary classical guitar has informed much American guitar music, from Rorem to Reich.

Occasionally accessed by European composers, perhaps most notably by Malcolm Arnold in his guitar concerto, composers from Europe allude to the lute or their own brand of guitar-related tradition.

The 70s continued Expermentalism and Minimalism, but also included Aleatoric music and Intederminancy to a greater degree than before. contemporary classical guitar

List of selected contemporary repertoire for guitar - Wikipedia

Computer music and pieces "with tape" became fashionable. Then John Williams came along and birthed an entire generation of composers who went back to the contemporary classical guitar and Impressionism and Romanticism - while we still have video game soundtracks that sound like overblown Romantic period music Brahms, etc.

There's also "new age" and electronica and other genres that have a foot in both worlds.

Many of these extended techniques have found their way into the chamber repertoire as well. Phillipe Manoury's ensemble and voice piece Cruel Spirals alternates between a microtonally tuned guitar and a guitar in standard tuning.

Magnus Lindberg's Linea d'Ombra for guitar, clarinet or contemporary classical guitar saxophone contemporary classical guitar, flute, and percussion is a veritable kitchen sink of extra-guitaristic techniques for the player, both on the instrument and off.

Shifting Aesthetics: Classical Guitar in Contemporary Concert Music

Aside from a series of passages that incorporate percussive sounds, gestures beyond the fretboard, extensive playing with the left hand alone, and precisely notated string scrapes, several moments in the score call for simultaneous vocalizations from the performer, and at the end of the work, the guitarist lays down his instrument altogether and plays percussion on contemporary classical guitar tam-tam cymbal.

All of this occurs within a context of a no holds barred virtuoso contemporary classical guitar part in the traditional sense of the word. There is also amazing music being written for the electric guitar by prominent composers, both as a solo instrument and in ensemble.

Writing for the electric guitar opens up the prospect of using effects pedals for timbral contrast in a notated music context.