Core Macroeconomics + Coursetutor [Gerald Stone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is titled Macroeconomics by Gerald Stone & Chiang and is nearly identical to the more currently released editions such as ISBN or ISBN. What does CORE mean?"CoreEconomics" is based on an extensive survey conducted by the author, Gerald Stone. Professor Stone asked.


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Instructors typically cover one chapter per week, or 15 chapters in a week semester. The core macroeconomics stone majority of instructors covers the same chapters in the bulk of their course and then spend minimal time covering additional chapters.

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Based on this he decided to write a textbook that covers the core topics of economics in the sequence they are most commonly taught. In core macroeconomics stone sense, "core" does not mean brief or abridged.


Rather, it means that the textbook contains the chapters that most instructors need, but very few core macroeconomics stone chapters or special-interest topics, such as agricultural economics, urban economics, insurance, and risk.

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