Supervisando una Descompresión Orbitaria hecha por mi Fellow Benjamin Riesco. Qué bien está operando!! In June , he underwent orbital decompression surgery of the medial and .. 4 Toledo M, Fernandez M, Reguera Y, Ramos G. Descompresión orbitaria en. Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'descompresion' hashtag. y retracción palpebral, antes y después de descompresión orbitaria bilateral y.


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CT scanning was undertaken to delineate the ethmo-sphenoid anatomical variations prior descompresion orbitaria surgical exploration, and also for the characteristic and confirmatory CT findings of graves orbitopathy "tendon sparing" enlargement of extra-ocular muscles, and the "Coca Cola Bottle sign"- [Figure 1].

Axial sections of contrast-enhanced CT scans showing the characteristic tendon sparing enlargement of both medial recti as indicated by the short arrowand also a medialward expansion of both orbits leading descompresion orbitaria bilateral lateral compression of the ethmoids and the ethmosphenoid demonstrating a central waist akin to a "Coca Cola bottle" long arrow The indications for surgery included the following: Proptosis with cosmetic disfigurement which descompresion orbitaria failed conservative treatment with steroids.

Corneal exposure with keratitis secondary to proptosis Compressive optic neuropathy Descompresion orbitaria ophthalmological findings, grade of orbitopathy, and the indication for surgery for individual cases is listed in [Table 3]. Ophthalmological profile of the cases under study Click here to view Surgical technique All cases had bilateral orbital descompresion orbitaria by the nasal endoscopic approach under general anesthesia.

The initial operation involved bilateral wide endoscopic exposure of the maxillary sinuses and the ethmoid sinuses.

Orbital decompression

Following an anterior ethmoidectomy, the maxillary sinus ostium was exposed and widely enlarged in all directions, particularly anteriorly till the nasolacrimal duct so as to create a large middle meatal antrostomy. The large antrostomy was necessary to provide good access to the orbital floor for the subsequent decompression and also to ensure that following the orbital decompression and prolapse of the orbital contents into the maxillary descompresion orbitaria, the surgically widened ostium would continue to remain patent for ventilation of the remaining descompresion orbitaria sinus cavity.

A complete endoscopic ethmoidectomy anterior and posterior ethmoidectomy was then completed so as to expose the entire medial orbital wall lamina papyracea. The sphenoid sinus and descompresion orbitaria drainage tract medial to the middle turbinate was left unviolated.

Optic neuropathy after orbital decompression surgery | Neurología (English Edition)

The frontal sinus drainage tract with the overlying mucosa, in the roof of the anterior ethmoids, was also specifically preserved. Dissection was then continued inferiorly along the medial orbital wall to further expose the floor of the orbit till the descompresion orbitaria orbital nerve descompresion orbitaria its canal.

This exposed the entire bony limits of descompresion orbitaria subsequent orbital decompression. The medial orbital wall lamina papyracea and the medial section of the orbital floor were then removed by initially fracturing the thin lamina papyracea and then insinuating a periosteal elevator and bone biting antegrade and retrograde forceps into the sub-periosteal space.

Care was taken at this stage to not violate the orbital periosteal layer periorbita encasing the descompresion orbitaria contents.

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The posterior limit of removal was till the orbital apex lateral to the posterior ethmoid sinuses and the anterior limit was till the maxillary line and about The descompresion orbitaria papyracea along the frontal sinus drainage descompresion orbitaria was specifically preserved.

Surgical stills of left endoscopic orbital decompression.


The middle turbinate MT is seen in the medial part of the descompresion orbitaria field. This resulted in prolapse of the orbital fat into the ethmoid and maxillary sinuses and a consequent decrease in proptosis.

We also observed mild lid retraction and a bilateral supraduction deficit. At that time, our patient was being treated with topical ocular hypotensive medication for descompresion orbitaria bilateral open-angle glaucoma that had been stable for 4 years.

SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Online

Computed tomography showing bilateral axial exophthalmos asymmetrical, more pronounced in the RE and elongation descompresion orbitaria the optic nerve.

In her last examination before surgery, we recorded intraocular pressure IOP of 18mmHg in both eyes, as well as optic disc cupping of 0. Six recurrences occurred 2 to 10 years after surgery. Five of them were reoperated on. We indicated radiotherapy after recurrence in 3 descompresion orbitaria.

The management of PIM remains controversial and conservative management is frequently proposed.

Meaning of "descompresión" in the Spanish dictionary

Luis Sanchez Bulnes" during the period through and with at least 3 months postoperative follow up were analyzed. Data was collected with regards to surgical procedure, descompresion orbitaria of walls descompresion orbitaria, additional intraoperative procedures and surgical complications.

Postoperative data included the same variables as the preoperative examination.