I'd suggest you start with Diablo III: Book of Cain as a foundation (if you don't Next you'd have the novel The Order, and the comic Sword of  Did you Pre-Order it? Hitting bookshelves May 15, Diablo III: The Order is the next novel in the Diablo universe, following Deckard Cain's quest to find the Horadrim. Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


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Still, everything else about the story is fine.

For the Order

This is a very readable and engaging diablo the order, surprisingly hard to put down. However, Deckard Cain is such a bore for a main character. Even as the world goes mad around him, he just whines about his guilt and what not.

I don't mind if he'd do something as well, but for the most part, he is just moping and sulking, carried along by various secondary characters. Faced diablo the order the first sign of adversity, he doubts himself and wails, with unnecessary melodrama, that he has failed everyone again.

Diablo III: The Order (Diablo, #8) by Nate Kenyon

This guy survived seeing his people being butchered by demons in two video games, and he has supposedly bore mental scars from all his ordeals. He is entitled to whine diablo the order bit.

But please, not all the time, not every time! If someone has smacked him and told him to diablo the order up or get out by pagethis story would have been far more enjoyable to wade through.

The Order | Diablo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The villain is a sympathetic one. Normally, I would roll up my eyes at someone who, diablo the order addition to being power-crazy and inhumanly cruel like only a cartoon villain could be, also whole-heartedly believes the words of a demon known to all as the Lord of Lies.

But he was indoctrinated from a young age, when he was full of anger, so the poor fellow ends up being more pitiful than anything else. Or maybe I'm just biased diablo the order, unlike Cain, he does something with his angst instead of just standing there and dumping everything on the poor reader.

The plot suffers from the problem diablo the order plagues Diablo III: He is nothing like the schemer he is supposed to be, however, as in this story he acts with the subtlety of a hippo stampede and he even reveals all his plans to Cain without much prompting.


Maybe the Lord of Lies is the diablo the order lie of all? Anyway, The Order has its good points: This is a decent time-killer, in other words, as long as expectations aren't too high. The Order is based on the famous Diablo franchise.

I am a big fan of the series and have always liked the lore, so I felt reading the book was a sort of must for me. It's diablo the order Cain and Leah and Cain's quest to find more about an evil that is about to rise once again.

Well, let me be very honest with you.

Diablo III: The Order - Diablo Wiki

I was generous by giving 3 stars to this book. If I wanted to be more rigid, it'd diablo the order received 2 stars. Until the middle and a bit past, it's tiring and boring.


We get told many times about how Cain feels about his past and how he constantly suffers because diablo the order it. OK, we want to know Cain better, but it's not necessary to repeat the very same thing diablo the order of times, with no new, additional information!

The most interesting parts in the first half are flashbacks to the events in Diablo I and II.