Tartt's much bruited first novel is a huge ( pages) rambling story that is The Secret History. Donna Tartt, Author Alfred A Knopf Inc $ (p) ISBN. Five Things About THE SECRET HISTORY by Donna Tartt. July 15th, Share This Article. secret history This is going to be a difficult book for me to talk. The Secret History [Donna Tartt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Donna Tartt, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her most recent novel.


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It is obsessed with beauty.

The Secret History - Wikipedia

Tartt's narrator seems little interested in donna tartt the secret history, but is readily intoxicated by beauty: The novel notices how important beauty is to us, yet how rarely anyone speaks of it.

This is "about the first sentence that I ever learned in Greek" and becomes a dictum for Richard. It believes in fate. The narrative is shaped by this ancient conviction.

It is possessed by Dionysos. Two students become the central focus: Donna tartt the secret history pair's friendship, which Richard finds odd, becomes more mystifying when Bunny announces that he and Henry will spend winter break together in Rome, Italy—although Henry appears to barely tolerate Bunny, and Bunny cannot afford such a lavish holiday himself.

In fact, Henry is footing the bill for the trip.

To avoid revealing his fabricated past, Richard takes a low-paying job on campus and spends winter break, the coldest in a generation, in an unheated warehouse.

He nearly dies from hypothermia and pneumoniabut is rescued and taken to the hospital by Henry, who has returned early from Italy.

Ten reasons why we love Donna Tartt's The Secret History

After winter break, Richard sees the relationship between the others and Bunny becoming even more strained. Ultimately, he learns the truth from Henry and Francis: Bunny, suspicious for some time, uncovered the truth about the group's accident during the trip to Italy by reading Henry's diary, and has been blackmailing the group donna tartt the secret history.

The group, led by Henry, now view Bunny as a danger, and Bunny's penchant for playing on his friends' fears and insecurities does little to assuage their concern. No donna tartt the secret history able to meet Bunny's demands, and fearing that he will report them, the group resolves to kill Bunny.

Henry forms several plots, one of which is finally put into motion after a drunken Bunny tells Richard of the killing.


Almost too easily, he is accepted into a donna tartt the secret history of five socially sophisticated students who study Classics with an idiosyncratic, morally fraudulent professor.

Despite their demanding curriculum they quote Greek classics to each other at every opportunity the friends spend most of their time drinking and taking pills.

This is Tartt at her best, deliciously blending the abstract and concrete, the theoretical and the practical, the present charged with the historical past and all the fatalistic aspects of the unfolding future. Even though the novel is set in Vermont, with a few scenes overseas or on the West Coast, the Mississippi-born Tartt somehow brings to bear a Southern Gothic atmosphere to her story.

The setting, Hampden College, resembles Bennington, where Tartt transferred inafter first gaining some notoriety for her work under the direction of Barry Hannah at Ole Miss, and the plot parallels to some donna tartt the secret history the unsolved case of a missing Bennington student from the s.

The only disappointing aspect of The Secret History is what happened in its aftermath. Despite the critical acclaim and commercial success of this brilliant debut, released donna tartt the secret history the author was 28—a work sometimes described as the most celebrated first novel of the s—Tartt only published one book during her thirties, and by the time we see her third novel she will be in her late 40s.