Primera Parte del libro apócrifo en español. kebra nagast 1. Inst. Educat. Comunidades RastafarI Unidos. Read Kebra Nagast: La Biblia Secreta Del Rastafari / the Secret Bible of Rastafari El Kebra Nagast, Libro de la Gloria de los Reyes de Etiopía, es una crónica. Buy Kebra Nagast: La Biblia Secreta Rastafari (El Observatorio) by Lorenzo Mazonni, Libro de Enoch: Collección Completa: Nueva Traducción con los.


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The document is presented in the form of a debate by the "orthodox fathers" of the First Council of Nicaea. These fathers pose the question, "Of what doth the Glory of Kings consist?


After this, the archbishop Domitius [5] reads from a book el libro kebra nagast had found in the church of "Sophia", which introduces what Hubbard calls "the centerpiece" of this work, the story of Makeda better known as the Queen of ShebaKing Solomon, Menelik I, and how the Ark came to Ethiopia chapters Although the author of the final redaction identified this Gregory with Gregory Thaumaturguswho lived in the 3rd century before this Council, el libro kebra nagast time and the allusion to Gregory's imprisonment for 15 years by the king of Armenia make Gregory the Illuminator a better fit.

She is enthralled by his display of learning and knowledge, and declares "From this moment I will not worship the sun, but will worship the Creator of the sun, the God of Israel" chapter The night before she begins her journey home, Solomon tricks her into sleeping with him, and gives her a ring so that their child may identify himself to Solomon.

Following her departure, Solomon has a dream in which the sun leaves Israel chapter On the journey home, she gives birth to Menelik chapter Overjoyed by this reunion, Solomon tries to convince Menelik to stay and succeed him as king, but Menelik insists on returning to his mother in Ethiopia.


King Solomon then settles for sending home with him a company formed from the first-born sons of the elders of his kingdom. This company of young men, upset over leaving Jerusalem, then smuggle the Ark from the Temple and out of Solomon's kingdom el libro kebra nagast without Menelik's knowledge.

He had asked of Solomon only for a single tassel from the covering over the Ark, and Solomon had given him the entire cloth. During the journey home, Menelik learns the Ark is with him, and Solomon discovers el libro kebra nagast it is gone from his kingdom.

The king attempts to pursue Menelik, but through el libro kebra nagast Ark's mysterious power, his son with his entire entourage is miraculously flown home to Ethiopia before Solomon can leave his kingdom.

King Solomon then turns to solace from his wife, the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, and she seduces him into worshiping the idols of her land chapter After a question from the bishops of the Council, Domitius continues with a paraphrase of Biblical history chapters Specifically he focuses on the central element of lineage and royal blood lines that were prevalent at the time.

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He discusses heavily the intermixing of the royal families in order to preserve their own power and to ensure el libro kebra nagast their blood line survives. He does this by using each chapter to describe a specific family line, such as chapter 72 and 73 discussing the family tree of Constantine or chapters 74 and 75 to describe two separate seeds of Shem.

In chapter 90, we el libro kebra nagast a heavy emphasis on God's law and rules he sits forth for his believers to follow, which he presents by choosing the house of Jacob to reign as kings and to spread God's message. The author then describes Menelik's arrival at Axumwhere he is feasted and Makeda abdicates the throne in his favor.

Menelik then engages in a series of military campaigns with the Ark, and "no man conquered him, on the el libro kebra nagast, whosoever attacked him was conquered" chapter After chapter 94, the author takes a step back and describes a more global view of what he had been describing in previous chapters.

After praising the king of Ethiopia, the king of Egypt, and the book Domitius has found, which has established not only Ethiopia's possession el libro kebra nagast the true Ark of the Covenant, but that the Solomonic dynasty is descended from the first-born son of Solomon chapter Gregory then delivers an extended speech with prophetic elements chaptersforming what Hubbard calls a "Patristic collection of Prophecies": These chapters seek to prove by OT [Old Testament] allegories and proof-texts the Messianic purpose of Jesus, the validity of the Ethiopian forms of worship, and the spiritual supremacy of Ethiopia over Israel.

Based on the testimony of this colophon, "Conti Rossini, Littmann, and Cerulliinter alios, el libro kebra nagast marked off the period to for the composition of the book. Other historians to consider the evidence date parts of it as late as the end of the sixteenth century, when Muslim incursions and contacts with the wider Christian world made the Ethiopian Church concerned to assert its character and assert Jewish traditions.

Kebra Nagast

Many scholars doubt that a Coptic version ever existed, and that the history of the text goes back no further than the Arabic vorlage. They include not only both Testaments of the Bible although heavier use is made of the Old Testament than the Newbut he detects evidence of Rabbinical sources, influence el libro kebra nagast deuterocanonical or apocryphal works especially the Book of Enoch and Book of Jubileesboth canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and such Syriac works as the Book of the Cave of Treasuresand its derivatives the Book of Adam and Eve and the Book of the Bee.

Almeida was sent out as a missionary to Ethiopia, and had abundant opportunity to learn about the Kebra Nagast at first hand, owing to his excellent command of the language. El libro kebra nagast manuscript is a valuable work.

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His brother, Apollinare, also went out to the country as a missionary and was, along with his two companions, stoned to death el libro kebra nagast Tigray. In the first quarter of the 16th century, P. Godinho published some traditions about King Solomon and his son Menelekderived from the Kebra Nagast.