This video clearly and concisely demonstrates step-by-step how to (1) upload a new story to Welcome to the fanfic maker. A prestigious site for pointless stories. Specify the details of your chosen fandom and move the sliders depending on what type of. An important thing is that you can enjoy reading stories from FanFiction on your mobile phone. There are no special apps needed for that. Simply, in your mobile.


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Fanfiction stories Caption 10 of 38 Photos: Yann Martel's Booker Prize-winning novel concerns the voyage of a spiritually minded teenage boy drifting across the Pacific with a large tiger named Richard Parker -- or does it?

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Ang Lee's film made Martel's "unfilmable" novel into an Oscar-nominated success. Hide Caption 11 of 38 Fanfiction stories The book's whimsical side, which comes fanfiction stories most strongly in a section set in the Indian city of Pondicherry, is lost on screen.

On the other hand, Lee is a master of the quietly awe-inspiring, which gives depth to the book's spiritual underpinnings. And Richard Parker is a computer-generated wonder to behold.

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Book, but just barely. The movie can't measure up to the book's meditations, but it's a powerful work in its own fanfiction stories. Hide Caption 12 of 38 Photos: Mario Puzo's novel chronicles the history of an immigrant and his family making their fanfiction stories in America as part of the Italian Mafia.

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It was made fanfiction stories an Oscar-winning film with Fanfiction stories Brando, and then expanded for and sequels. Hide Caption 13 of 38 Photos: The book is pulpy goodness, an admitted bid for riches by Puzowho was then better known as a literary author.

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But the movie is something else: It's no wonder the gang in "The Sopranos" knows it by heart. It's one of the best ever made. fanfiction stories

Set up an account on FanFiction. Read the terms and conditions and note the author conduct rules. Go the Documents section on your user page. Enter a label for your story and choose a fanfiction stories format from the drop-down menu.

The Internet Archive allows users not only to download digital material but also to upload their own one. Therefore you can find fanfiction stories not only lots of public domain works but also original contemporary stuff. There are over fanfiction books on Feedbooks.

The Fanfic Maker

An advantage Feedbooks has over other fanfic sites is that you can easily upload the work to a book application or an e-reader, as they are available in mobi Kindleepub fanfiction stories pdf formats.

But users can also share their own stories — some are fanfiction. Net instituted several policy changes as it fanfiction stories in size and popularity.


Since the site's founding, several professional authors and producers have asked that stories fanfiction stories on their copyrighted or trademarked works be fanfiction stories, including Anne RiceP.

ElrodArchie ComicsDennis L.

13 Walking Dead Fan Fiction Stories To Read While Waiting For Season 9

McKiernanIrene Radford, J. WardLaurell K. Fan fiction based on professional wrestling, fanfiction stories, is still allowed, being the number one fandom in the "Miscellaneous" category.