Written by Tony Abbott, Audiobook narrated by Sean Kenin. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book free. Seventh-grader Tom Bender is nowhere near the in-crowd at St. Catherine's Catholic School. He does, nonetheless, have a crush on popular. Firegirl (paperback). From the moment Jessica arrives, life is never quite the same for Tom and his seventh-grade classmates. Jessica was badly burned in a fire.


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Firegirl by Tony Abbott by Hannah Antal on Prezi

Tracy's classroom is a pivotal moment for Tom, who firegirl by tony abbott given to flights of fancy over a girl named Courtney, loves his superhero comics, and dreams of riding in the Ford Cobra that belongs to his buddy Jeff's uncle. When he meets Jessica, however, Tom's perspective begins to change.

What it amounted to was a touching masterpiece that I will never forget.


I recommend this book to people who has a friendship with a boy and they wanna know why there friendship isn't working. Sep 27, Mrs.


Barrett rated it really liked it Firegirl firegirl by tony abbott a fantastic book and a quick read. Tom is a great character who is easy to relate to. If you look at it, nothing much happened. What happens is inside him, and that's what author Tony Abbott delicately chronicles.

Tom is nothing special, just a good kid trying to do his best. And that seems to be the real point -- that goodness is a struggle, and even with the firegirl by tony abbott will in the world it's hard to be sure we've done all we can, or should, do.

LibrisNotes: Fire Girl by Tony Abbott

Tom's description is graphic. I looked at her, then away, and then back at her. I couldn't believe I was looking at the face of someone alive Her lips were swollen.

The nearly filled the space between her nose and chin.

Her eyes peeked out from behind skin that looked melted Her fingers were bent as if she were trying to grab something. Firegirl by tony abbott discovered that if you didn't see the edge or her face or her hand or arm lying on the desk, she looked almost like any girl with dirty hair.

It was sort of crushed and matted in the back.

Firegirl Book Review

It almost began to feel as if there was a person in there. Tom sees past Jessica's outer disfigurement and recognizes that "Jessica was smart and nice and she'd been to lots of schools, so she knew how things worked. Tracy doesn't hear him and he feels like he has failed.

By the end of the novel, Tom, who initially found it difficult to hold Jessica's hand in class finds himself hugging her and crying when they say good bye. He even knows her eye colour.

From this point Tom begins an uneasy friendship with Jessica. Tom describes himself as the sweaty, chubby kid. He feels that nobody firegirl by tony abbott notices firegirl by tony abbott. This accounts for his sensitivity as he interacts with Jessica.