Common parts listed below **** CLICK on Diagrams to ENLARGE. See our Online Do it Yourself Videos for the Fleck on WatermanAndy's YouTube  ‎ Rebuild Kit Pistons and · ‎Valve Body Fleck 1" Dist. · ‎Adapter Coupling. Fits Fleck SOFTENER valve; Includes softener piston , seal & spacer kit , and brine valve ; Genuine Fleck Parts. › See more. Pure Selection is able to offer water softener components, service as well as repair service of water conditioning systems, also if a conditioner was not originally.


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Pull upward on piston yoke to remove the piston from the valve.

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If you are replacing fleck 5600 parts the seals and spacers, or the seals and spacers as well as the piston, remove the seals and spacers at this time. Usually you can pull them out with your fingers, but in dirty filters some brute force may be needed.


A screwdriver is a good tool. To replace the seals and spacers, the order is fleck 5600 parts, spacer, seal, spacer, etc.

Both the top and bottom items will be seals. When the seals and spacers are either inspected or replaced, push the piston into the valve by means of the end plug.

Fleck Valve Parts - Page 1

Replace the end plug retainer plate. The Fleck SXT water softener system has a year warranty for both the resin and the fleck 5600 parts tank. When it comes to the electronic control head, Fleck has a 5-year warranty in place. Such a warranty is a great way to give peace of mind to customers.

If you happen to fleck 5600 parts anything, they are easy to contact and promise a lifetime of technical support to all clients.

Depending on the conditions, they offer replacements and repairs. Performance and Durability When it comes to performance, we can safely say that the Fleck SXT is working as intended.

Even though installation and programming took a while, fleck 5600 parts are more than happy with the results. This water softener system does everything it advertises.

Pentair/Fleck User Manuals

It stopped plaque build-up in appliances, as well as on tiles and glass. Our bathroom, for instance, has never looked better.


As for the taste, it is subjective, but we like it much better after treatment. This might be because our water was high on the water hardness scale. As far fleck 5600 parts durability, there are no problems yet, which coincides with most of the reviews out there.

Many of the parts are plastic, and some can fleck 5600 parts problems if they break down. A minority of verified Amazon reviewers had issues with leaks.


Since the Fleck SXT offers such good value for its price, you might want to consider buying a few stainless steel replacement parts. You can install them right away or like us, fleck 5600 parts to use them if the original ones break down.