Nearly DRM-free science fiction ebooks, most of which are new to me, for good or ill. Ratings from the community should help both the. Warning – long list of free Sci-Fi ebooks. We've managed to gather online Sci-Fi web serials from various angles and plots. Beyond that long list, we have. Explore new worlds with these classic science fiction and fantasy novels—free, this month only.


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Victor Bayham is a blue collar mechanic just trying to make ends meet for his family.

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These two men couldn't be leading more different lives. He rents out his body by the hour. She was a complete stranger who had suddenly told him they were married. There was nothing familiar about her; even the fingers that were softly working free science fiction e-books for his face were alien.

Tony and the Beetles — Philip K. Young Tony Rossi has moral qualms and shiny-shelled Beetle playmates, much to the disgust of his father, and trouble is coming.

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But then interstellar politics dictates that they must all leave Earth because … well, listen to the story as told by the great Poul Anderson as he explores what the Earth means to humans and to one man in particular. The Onslaught from Rigel — Fletcher Pratt Wonder Stories Quarterly, Winter We know that many scientists believe that life may originally have come to earth in the form of spores, from other solar systems and free science fiction e-books for universes.

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We therefore might really have had our home dim ages ago, on worlds distantly removed from our earth. The ability to travel the interstellar spaces, however, might also be possessed by other creatures—creatures driven by fear, necessity and by the will to conquer.

And if they come, in mighty waves, with scientific powers far beyond us, to dominate the earth, a terrible time free science fiction e-books for face the puny human race.


And in this story they do come, and provoke some of the strangest and most exciting adventures that have yet been recorded. The Cosmic Computer — H.

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And, persisting over the decades, is the legend of Merlin, the super-computer said to have planned the grand strategy which successfully concluded the war. And the sure knowledge that finding the Cosmic Computer would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to his home world.

Free science fiction e-books for is a peaceful reign, held by compact and not by conquest. Whose vision will be realized?

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But somebody had to look after GenMoP, the genetically modified primate. Foreman had always regarded space travel as a dangerous business, but he had no idea just how dangerous.

Youth is one of the rare Asimov stories with alien characters.


Freeman - SmashwordsIf you saw how the world will die, what would you do? What could you do? Max Byron is the proxy of a living God, and his God hates him.

Or so it would seem.