While Jean Giono's Le grand troupeau – To the Slaughterhouse does move back and forth, the book is still completely different from anything. Buy the Le Grand Troupeau De Jean Giono (fiche De Lecture) (ebook) online from Takealot. Many ways to pay. Non-Returnable. We offer fast, reliable delivery. Jean Giono: Le Grand Troupeau (To the Slaughterhouse). Unlike some of his other novels, this one was not published in English till well after the French edition.


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Thomas pushes them the sheep and the men very hard and several of the sheep die and many are bloodied, all, of course, being symbolic of what is happening to the men fighting the war.

Le Grand Troupeau by Jean Giono (5 star ratings)

Note that the French word troupeau can mean herd or flock — French has no separate word for the two — so the title could also refer to the men going off to war en masse. Giono le grand troupeau is a chapter near the end of the book called Le grand troupeau, which clearly refers to the mass of men going into battle.

The English cuts straight to the chase. The men are going off to war and many of them will be killed. giono le grand troupeau

Giono: To the Slaughterhouse | The Modern Novel

As the sheep do not go to the slaughterhouse, the English title presumably only refers to the men. Indeed, towards the end, La Poule, one of the soldiers, shouts To the slaughterhouse as the men go into giono le grand troupeau.

The story focusses on one family. Joseph is off fighting the war, though we follow some of what he is going through. Giono le grand troupeau the young men are gone, the old men and women have to make do, which means keep the farm running but also deal with the large flock of sheep going through their village, not to mention the occasional soldiers passing through, as they are not far from the front and frequently hear the guns.

Book a book

Not surprisingly, the women and giono le grand troupeau men find it hard, even though Joseph sends them a letter from the front with instructions.

Giono does not spare us the details — even the animals are to suffer in this war. One other aspect of the giono le grand troupeau for those left behind is the men killed.

We see one particular instance — Arthur, a married man with children, has been killed and Alberic informs his wife and children.


We also follow the men and their time as soldiers. Joseph, for example, is left with a man, Jules, who has been wounded in the thigh.

The Modern Novel

They have been left and told by the lieutenant that he will send back a cart to collect them. Not surprisingly, no-one comes. The war has come to a little village in the French Provence giono le grand troupeau.

All the men are drafted and go to war, leaving the women, old men, children and animals behind. Some of the men are shepherds.

Le grand troupeau : Jean Giono :

They have to abandon their herds. One day a massive herd enters the village. So much suffering, so much pain. The story moves back and froth between life in the village and the men.

Very powerful and graphic pictures.