From recycled gray water to a chicken tractor on steroids, the Greening the Desert project is using all tools possible to make the dry lands. The Jordan Valley was once renowned for its lushness and now one man is returning it to its former glory. This is a four-week internship at the Dead Sea (or Jordan) Valley Permaculture Project (aka 'Greening the Desert – the Sequel') site. This small project is located.


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Desert greening - Wikipedia

The project has also created much-needed employment. Initially it relied mainly on casual workers, but today, more people have longer-term employment planting and cultivating trees greening the desert the green belt.

I can support my family and send my two daughters to school… People appreciate this project. They come here on weekends with their families to enjoy.

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This is greening the desert only recreation area we have in the city. Using everything from chicken tractors to recycled gray water, and from worm composting to foraging ducks, the central effort seems to be around conserving scarce water and nutrients, building up fertile soil, and creating cooling micro-climates to protect tender crops from the desert heat.

Below is an update from Geoff on the project so far. According to the project's Facebook page greening the desert, Greening the Desert II has also been responsible for disseminating composting worms to other farms across Jordan.


This can be done using dug canals or in some instances aqueducts which are both the least attractive option since they allow much water to be evaporatedtroughs as used in the Keita Project [3]earthenware piping semi-open or closed or even underground systems i.

Depending on the method of distribution of the water, it can then be provided greening the desert different methods to the plants. A costly solution used only on pipes is drip irrigation. greening the desert

greening the desert A similar technique can greening the desert done with semi-open pipes i. Side effects[ edit ] The use of water is, however, not always without problems. Desert greening by the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority irrigation scheme in Afghanistan significantly reduced the water flowing from the Helmand River into Lake Hamun and this, together with drought, was cited as a key reason for the severe damage to the ecology of Lake Hamun, much of which has degenerated since from a wetland of international importance into salt flats.


Trees store water, raise water from underlying aquifers, reduce evaporation after a rain, attract animals greening the desert thereby fertility through fecesand they can cause more rain to fall by temperature reduction and other effectsif the planted area is large enough.

Example[ edit ] The soil of the Thar Desert in India remains dry for much of the year and is prone to wind erosion. High speed winds blow soil from the desert, depositing some on neighboring fertile lands, and causing shifting sand dunes within the desert, which buries fences and blocks roads and railway greening the desert.


A permanent solution to this problem of shifting sand dunes can be provided by planting appropriate species on the dunes to prevent further shifting and planting windbreaks and shelterbelts.