I use GURPS Powers: Divine Favor in my Circus Sophia campaign. If you are not familiar with it, it allows a character to pray to the gods to grant. GURPS Powers: Divine Favor presents a complete system for miraculous intervention. Subtle or stupendous, quiet or cacophonous, the powers herein are. GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3: Daily Life and Economics, by Matt Riggsby The preview PDF of GURPS Powers: Divine Favor, by Jason "PK" Levine.


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One of the weird things out of the box for me was that magic and miracles are basically the same thing with different names.

Another week in the life of GURPS

To me, this is a little jarring, but I can get gurps powers divine favor some people don't like learning how to do the same thing in two ways. Gurps powers divine favor people like me with such a hang-up though, we have the short, not especially expensive, and somehow unique-even-when-reusing-existing-mechanics system of Divine Favor.

Let' take a look at this supplement that I very much enjoyed. Overview Table of contents So, first off, looking at the table of contents, we have 4 pages dedicated to boilerplate like the cover, table of contents, intro, and index at the other end.


First off, two pages for rules. This system is basically that easy, though The smallest blessings require only a Neutral reaction or better, with more powerful effects requiring better results, all the way up to Excellent.


Before calculating Table 2, I figured you might need some pretty high modifiers to pull off the best miracles. And indeed you do, if you're in a hurry about it.

Another week in the life of GURPS - Sean Punch's Journal

Since you will never get a Bad reaction, you just need to keep praying, and eventually you'll get there. So, does this mean the system is broken?

Is all this die-rolling unnecessary? Well, let's look at an example.

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But religious magic has been stuck with the advice from GURPS Religionwhich boiled down to 'use the normal skill-based magic and substitute Clerical Investment for Magery'. The main idea is a leveled advantage called "Divine Favor", which allows a character attempt to call gurps powers divine favor the power of his god directly, as long as he takes and sticks to at least 10 points of disadvantages that represent the character's faith vows, code of honor, etc.


When a character needs a miracle, he rolls 3d6 against the level of his Favor, and if it works, his god has heard him. From there, the GM does a reaction roll for the god a standard mechanic and on a 'good' or better reaction, the god intervenes with a miracle chosen by the Gurps powers divine favor.

Pre-calculated prayers, serving both as ready-to-buy accessible miracles for heroes and as a guide for GMs as to what's possible with Divine Favor. Powers range from modest miracles such as feeding the masses or walking through fire to impressive gurps powers divine favor including the power to sense true evil or walk on water to world-shaking works of faith — the sun shall blot, the seas shall part, and the dead shall rise!

Whether playing a near-historical novitiate in a religious order, an Old West preacher hoping to keep his congregation safe from the darkness for another day, or a believer in the "old ways" of a fantastic tomorrow, this supplement is like an answered prayer.

Divine Favor, faith can move mountains!