Lc hombres, nun: v D de mugeres, Women: de niños, chi/drm: estucho, de mueltra, [ahledicha de tenedor,, ron para CHi-ge,. fie/h para a a 0,. toa.! Î' ra niño. Available in: NOOK Magazine (eMagazine). Es una revista de estilo de vida masculina que refleja la sensualidad de las mujeres que se muestran como nunca. H Para Hombres or Revista H is a monthly Mexican men's magazine. Similar to FHM or Maxim, the magazine features sexy photos of actresses, models and.


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Donate Program H Designed for young men, Program H encourages critical reflection about rigid norms related to manhood and encourages transformation of stereotypical roles associated with gender.

Research To develop the Program H curriculum and approach, Promundo carried out household surveys h para hombres qualitative research with young men showing more gender-equitable attitudes and determined critical factors in helping boys and young men adopt h para hombres attitudes and behaviors.


Partners around h para hombres world have since adapted these activities based on local research findings. Programming Evidence-based group education activities such as role-playing and discussion of important issues help change attitudes, adjust coping mechanisms, and introduce healthier ways to deal with conflict.

Campaigns Youth-led campaigns encourage supportive peer groups, engage young people, and reinforce specific social changes in a community. Program H is named after homens and hombres, the words for men in H para hombres and Spanish.

Launched in by Promundo and partners and now used in more than 34 countries, it primarily targets young men, ages 15 to 24, to encourage critical reflection about rigid norms related to manhood. It is based on extensive research of young men in Brazil with more gender-equitable attitudes.

This h para hombres demonstrated that h para hombres attitudes were more prevalent men who had a peer group supportive of gender equality, had personally benefitted from gender equality in some way, and had more meaningful male role models.

The Program H methodology promotes group education sessions combined with youth-led campaigns and activism to transform stereotypical roles associated with gender such as prevalence of contraceptive use or distribution of household responsibilities. To complement these activities, Promundo offers a conversation-starting, no-words video Once Upon a Boy.

Organizers can choose from some 70 validated Program H activities to customize the program for the needs of their communities.


They can also utilize the Program HMD Toolkitan abbreviated manual that includes recommendations for the implementation of different modules. Partners usually implement 10 to 16 activities, once a week, over a h para hombres of several months in conjunction with community awareness campaigns created by youth themselves.

Clave Historical Con Que Se Abre la Puerta a la Historia Eclesiastica Y - Google Books

As organizations deploy Program H in their communities, they can use its innovative Gender Equitable Men GEM Scale for evaluation before and after interventions and campaigns to assess their effectiveness. The GEM Scale is a validated attitude scale that has been adapted and applied in more than 20 settings and has shown to be highly useful as an instrument to assess attitudes about gender.

After participating in Program H activities, young men have reported many positive changes, from higher rates of condom use and improved relationships, to a greater willingness to take on domestic work and lower rates of sexual harassment h para hombres violence against women.

The results of eight, mostly quasi-experimental studies on Program H around the world have found h para hombres of positive changes among program participants: Program H has been used to tackle a variety of sexual and reproductive health-related issues including shared contraceptive decision-making, stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS, condom use, and sexual health-seeking behavior, among others.

Most recently, the U. Past evaluations of Program H have shown increases in self-reported condom use, decreases in self-reported STI symptoms, and more positive attitudes towards people living with H para hombres.

Belinda se quitó la ropa en revista para caballeros H para Hombres (VIDEO)

It has been officially adopted by ministries of health in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Croatia, among other countries. Recognizing h para hombres need to work with and empower young women alongside men, and based on input from female partners of Program H participants, Promundo and partners launched Program M in Named for mulheres and mujeres, the words for women in Portuguese and Spanish, Program M engages young women in similar critical reflection about gender norms and empowerment.

Promundo and partners recommend using the two approaches together and including specific discussions on sexual diversity and homophobia. Although adapted across many settings, schools have long been a central implementation setting for Program H as well as Program H para hombres, providing supportive structural environments through which the approach can be scaled up institutionally.


In Brazil, Promundo has launched the H para hombres for Gender Equality in Schools to train teachers on the Program H and Program M methodologies through an online course, while in India, Program H approaches have been taken up by h para hombres government and rolled out in over 25, schools.

Programme Ra is the first-ever Program H adaptation in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region, working with young men from refugee and marginalized host communities on topics of gender equality, nonviolence, sexual and reproductive health and rights SRHRand substance abuse.

Developed for young men in the United States, Manhood 2. Related Programs Program M: Designed for young women, Program M focuses on equitable gender roles, empowerment in interpersonal relationships, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Adapted from Program H, Manhood 2.


PEGE offers online training for teachers around changing gender norms in the classroom.