How to Design and Make Automata by Robert Adams. People interested in teaching others how to build automata should watch The Tinkering Studio's archived Google Hangout on Making and. Design of Automata: Modern automata are crank driven mechancial sculptures However, by the help of computer design software it is possible to make the.


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Cut the hanger Cut a piece of wire shirt hanger that is longer than your box is wide. It will fit through the two holes you drilled in the sides of the box. Prepare the cam Next Prev Use a small circular cap or similar object, your ruler, and pencil to draw an oval shaped cam on how to design and make automata piece of cardboard.


Draw half circles on either end separated by a short rectangle. Cut out the cam. Poke a small hole in the center of the cam for the wire shirt hanger to pass through.

How to design automata and mechanical toys | Pearltrees

Insert the wire shirt hanger into one of the holes on the side of the box, through the hole in the cam, and back out the other hole in the side of the box.

Insert the drinking straw into the box Next Prev Cut a short piece of drinking straw. Wrap the center of the straw in a couple of passes of masking tape. Insert the drinking straw into the hole on the top of the box, about half way down the masking tape. Prepare the bamboo skewer Remove the sharp end of a bamboo skewer.

Prepare the cam follower How to design and make automata Prev Using the same techniques from step 4, create a slightly larger cam follower by tracing a circle on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the cardboard cam follower. Cut several small square pieces of cardboard.

Build an Automaton - DIY

Puncture each square with the awl. Hot glue the stack of squares to one side of the circular cam follower, at the center of the circle. Turn the cam follower over. Cut several thin strips of cardboard as long as the cam follower is wide. Hot glue them to the bottom of the cam follower.

how to design and make automata

These guides help keep the cam follower straight over the cam. I like Arthur's Butter Rocker.

How to Make Cardboard Automata

Automates-Passion a French site featuring how to design and make automata elaborate and beautiful animata in the Victorian tradition. Simple Mechanics Cams The basic principle of the cam is to turn a circular motion into a linear one.

This is referred to as reciprocating movement. In it's simplest form you turn a handle to make something move up and down.

How to design automata and mechanical toys

Lambuel crafts are a great activity to help keep children busy learning about Jesus. Use them as opportunities for discussing issues and teaching values. Adult supervision required for crafts involving scissors or knives. Learn To Draw Lambuel! Everyone can enjoy a circus, young or how to design and make automata.

The cam rotates about this point shown with a white dot on the diagram and in paper models this is usually a rectangular tube, and in wood automata it is usually a cylindrical dowel.

The further off-center it is, the more movement you will produce. The motion is a steady and constant up-down motion.