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HP EliteBook 850 G1 Review

The Pros Durable design that's very light for incher; Strong security features; Bright p matte screen; Easy-to-remove bottom; Long battery life The Cons Mixed performance results; Viewing angles could be wider Verdict The HP EliteBook G1 is an excellent inch business laptop with a durable design, strong security features and long battery life.

Complete with a fingerprint scanner, HP's security software, a durable design and a luminous The first thing hp elitebook 850 g1 quick specs noticed about HP's enterprise-oriented notebook was its durable black magnesium lid, which features the same matte soft-touch finish that's used in the auto industry to keep cars scratch-resistant.

This laptop will likely emerge scrape-free after rattling around in your luggage during flights. The EliteBook G1 is also MIL-STD G approved, meaning it can endure more stressful scenarios involving extreme temperatures, pressure, altitude, shock and humidity than your average notebook.

Apple MacBook Air inch vs.

HP EliteBook G1 Review | Laptop Reviews

Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Face-Off Inside, the EliteBook's keyboard deck sports a shiny, premium-looking silver aluminum design. A speaker is situated just above this keyboard deck, with a fingerprint scanner placed just below it on the right.


The Elitebook G1's roomy touchpad almost makes the keyboard look small, but we certainly appreciated the extra space while scrolling. The laptop's magnesium underside features a removable door for easy access to its internal components. This means you can easily switch out its hard drive for an upgrade without having to purchase a new unit.

In fact, HP says that this model is 40 percent thinner and 27 percent lighter than the previous model. HP Trust Circle is an encryption program that completely locks down files unless you approve certain contacts to see them.

The basic version of Trust Circle, which is available for free, lets you add up to five people to your trust circle.

Among HP's included security features is its Just In Time Authentication policy, which lets you place certain time restraints on the device.

This means if you walk away from the computer and it remains inactive for a certain period of time, an intruder won't be able to plug in an external device with potentially malicious material without proper authentication.

HP G1 QUICKSPECS Pdf Download.

Everything You Need to Know The HP EliteBook also comes with a fingerprint scanner for logging onto your computer and select websites of your choosing. When prompted to enter your password for a website, look for the HP Client Security shield symbol.


This means you can use your fingerprint to log in rather than having to type your password. During our testing we used our fingerprint to log into our Facebook account and to sign on to our computer easily.

The process of enrolling your fingerprint is simple as well.

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We only had to swipe hp elitebook 850 g1 quick specs finger two to three times before the device recognized our print. Text looked bold and clear on the screen as we read through news headlines, and a high-res image of a snow-covered cabin on Flickr looked sharp.

When watching the trailer for Disney's "Maleficent," we appreciated the vibrant red color in Angelina Jolie's lips and the glowing green smoke that surrounded her.

However, colors quickly washed out as we turned the laptop at a right angle to our face.