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Vienna, [29] Graz, [30] Trier [31] with very few exceptions.


The Croatian state institutions, such as the Central Bureau of Statistics, use both terms: The Bosnian Serbs refused to make reference to the Bosnian language in idioma croatia constitution and as a result had constitutional amendments imposed by High Idioma croatia Wolfgang Petritsch.

However, the constitution of Republika Srpska refers to it as the Language spoken by Bosniaks, [40] because the Serbs were required to recognise the language officially, but wished to avoid recognition of its name.


He used the term "Bosnian" even though he was born idioma croatia a Chakavian region: Further he states "[ Muslim] gentlemen only speak Turkish when they are at the Vizier ". In When Ethnicity Did Not Matter idioma croatia the Balkans, Fine investigates the identity labels and their meaning employed by and about the medieval and early-modern population of the lands that make up present-day Croatia.

Religion, local residence, and narrow family or broader clan all played important parts in past and present identities. Fine, however, concentrates chiefly on broader secular names that reflect attachment to a city, region, tribe or clan, a labeled people, or idioma croatia. The result is a magisterial analysis showing us the complexity of pre-national identity idioma croatia Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia.

There can be idioma croatia question that the medieval and early-modern periods were pre-national times, but Fine has taken a idioma croatia step by demonstrating that the medieval and early-modern eras in this region were also pre-ethnic so far as local identities are concerned.

Although based in Kajkavian-speaking ZagrebGaj supported using the more populous Neo-Shtokavian — a version of Shtokavian that eventually became the predominant dialectal basis of both Croatian and Serbian literary language from the 19th century on.

The uniform Neo-Shtokavian then became common in the Croatian elite.


Serbo-Croatian phonology and Serbo-Croatian idioma croatia Croatian is commonly characterized by the Ijekavian pronunciation see an explanation of yat reflexesthe sole use of the Idioma croatia alphabet, and a number of lexical differences in common words that set it apart from standard Serbian.

Differences between various standard forms of Serbo-Croatian are often exaggerated for political reasons.

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