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In early times girls were thought to be ready for marriage after puberty and later even children could be married. Divorce and remarriage were ielts reading passage always possible. By Medieval times Marriage was compulsory for girls, who very often married between the ages of eight and nine.

Among ielts reading passage able to afford it, polygamy was common and rulers would often have one wife from their own region and other minor wives from other areas.

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Now, divorce and remarriage is possible and non-Muslim Indian men can only have one wife. Although are many regional variations, some features of the Indian wedding ceremony are similar throughout the country.

In general weddings are very complicated events and involve ielts reading passage negotiations about dowry payments prior to the event. After this has been decided a day is ielts reading passage by asking an astrologer to find a lucky day.


Her guests often give the bride advice about married life and tease her about her future husband. All of the wedding ceremony will be held in the altar.

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The clothing a couple wear on their wedding day varies between regions and ethnic groups. Women most commonly wear a sari. The bride wears a lot of jewelry as this symbolizes the prosperity she will bring to her new family.

In the South ielts reading passage flowers is common.

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The plan was for British, French and Anzac forces to land on the peninsular at night at weak points in the Turkish defense. However, strong winds blew the troops off course to better defended spots and in the advantage was lost.

What ielts reading passage was months of bitter fighting in which 20, British and 7, ANZAC soldiers were killed and which ended ielts reading passage a successful withdrawal, but no gain for the Allies.

It was at this moment of history that Australia was propelled on to the world stage.

From this moment onward Australia began to think ielts reading passage itself as a country in its own right; as being separate ielts reading passage Britain and no longer a colony. They defended the Suez Canal and advanced through Palestine and Syria. The ANZAC experience was similar to that of the other participants in the war; a high death toll and little gain to be shown for it.


Australian forces were present at ielts reading passage the major battles of the war and sustained some terrible casualties. For example, in 24 hours near Pozieres the 5th Division suffered 5, casualties. At the battle of Bullecort, of the 3, men who advanced, were killed, wounded or captured.

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By most of the officers were not professional soldiers. The most prominent example was General Sir John Monash, who ielts reading passage an engineer by training. He ielts reading passage the allied forces at the battle of Hamel so well that the general staff published the battle reports as a model.

Unlike in other armies in the war, the Australian soldiers were all volunteers. They were also more individualistic and showed less respect for the rulebook than other soldiers. The relationship between ranks was more democratic and officer had to win the respect of their troops.

All in all, they paid a high price for fighting in the war. Of thesoldiers who served overseas in the warwere killed or wounded.


This was the highest proportion of any of the countries in the war and ielts reading passage probably due to the Australians fighting qualities, which meant that they were often used on the frontline of the fighting.