Power Land Part 1 (Imran Series) - Kindle edition by Mazhar Kaleem. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Imran Series is one of the best-selling Urdu spy novels series created by Pakistani writer Ibn-e-Safi. The first novel, Khaufnaak Imarat (The Terrifying. Mazhar Kaleem's Imran Series is a series of Urdu spy novels written by Pakistani author Mazhar Kaleem within the classic Imran Series mythos created by.


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Juliana believes that Imran is X-2, and clearly mentions it to him on one occasion; [3] Imranshocked but, manages to cover his identity with the help imran series Black Zero.

Imran continuously imran series with her emotions that sometime appeared to be harsh, but that what the character of Imran's is all about Safdar Saeed[ edit ] Safdar is the most active and Imran's most trusted field partner. The imran series thing Imran likes about Safdar is that he never questions his authority, he, actually, is a man of action rather than words.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

It is an ironic fact that although Imran always argues and talks imran series to his peers, his favourite fieldworker is one who listens and obeys. This is in contrast to Colonel Faridi who is more of a decent quiet thinker but Hameed who always argues and talks back to imran series peers is his favorite subordinate.


Safdar is also the only field imran series, apart from Imranwho does not have a crush on Juliana Fitzwater. He is also the only Secret Service imran series who is fluent in Shikrali a language spoken in the tribal area of Shikral.

Safdar Saeed is the most prominent, respectful, and loyal agent after Black Zero, and Imran relies heavily on him. Safdar respects Imran greatly, and imran series that Imran has similar qualities to those of X This thing imran series him but he continue to pursue Juliana in hope that Juliana may love him in future imran series detests Imran.

He has pure heart and has no harsh in his heart.


But he is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. This is imran series because he fails to understand why Juliana, who he has a crush on, likes rather loves Imran.

Imran Series by Ibn-e-Safi

His jealousy with Imran often gets in the imran series of his duty. His primary weakness is that he lacks patience and is very much emotional.

As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions. Tanveer is the most trouble-making member of the Secret Service. He imran series, on many occasions, either received warnings or punishment from X-2 for his negligence on duty.


But besides his jealous with Imranon many occasions he had proven his worth. Previously in military intelligence, he is more fond of direct action. In the book Farishtay ka Dushman, he faces a motorbike accident in the line of duty [4] and is left permanently unable to carry on with field work, so he is transferred to imran series department and is replaced in the Secret Service by Sergeant Imran series.

Captain Shakeel[ edit ] Captain Shakeel has a face without expression. He is known as power imran series.

: Power Land Part 1 (Imran Series) eBook: Mazhar Kaleem: Kindle Store

He is a creation of Mazhar Kaleem and not of Mr. He is the person in the group who is as smart as Ali Imran and he imran series thinks in the same way. He was first appeared in the novel of "Makazonga" imran series first novel written by Mazhar Kaleem. Sualeha[ edit ] She again was created by Mazhar Kaleem.