Portfolio Pauline Taveneau - Junior Art Director. Discover ideas about Jr Art. Portfolio Pauline Taveneau - Junior Art Director from Paris in HETIC. A junior art director's portfolio with agency work samples and high concept campaign work. IN CONNECTED MARKETING, JUNIOR ART DIRECTOR. October. A lot of junior talent are trying to fit into what they think a creative should be, whereas Creative Directors are looking for people who know who they are. 2. A portfolio needs to make a point. It needs to make an impression on a Creative Director that stays with them.


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It seems like most students and juniors are afraid of planting the base of the T and the result is they end up just being an underscore.

I often tell students about a friend of mine whose student portfolio consisted of a 6-foot roll of paper.

Creative Bloq

Unrolling it revealed a single campaign that he art directed 7 different ways. Think about the impact that has for a CD to see that layed out on the floor.

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It stands out because it is different and bold. Another way to package yourself differently is to get away junior art director portfolio advertising completely. To show something else that shows your voice and personality.

One of the other questions I asked everyone I interviewed was about showing this type of work—writing, art, hobbies, etc.

How Junior Talent Can Package Their Portfolios Better

Most Creative Directors I spoke to were interested in seeing it and it was usually those things that they could remember and talk about, years down the line. Vince Engel of Engine Company 1 remembered someone who wrote absurd letters to companies junior art director portfolio compiled them into a book.

Those things all probably say more about a person than ads.


Your portfolio has to represent you for those precious few minutes with a Creative Director. The onus is on you to show that they can think differently than anyone else in the building.


There are also some cool little transitions. Hover over the homepage images or scroll down the case studies and the images move, pulsate and float about in a subtle, sophisticated fashion.

RESUME - Emily Laramy

Each project on this ultra-minimalist site is represented by the simplest of line drawings, using a very limited colour palette. The opening page of his portfolio makes confident use of big and bold typography to announce himself in confident style.

Presenting images in a slanted rhombus, rather than the usual rectangle, adds another touch of originality. The fundamental role of art direction is to direct and guide an audience through the information being presented to them.

Junior art director portfolio must be a mediator between writers and designers, understanding both disciplines and junior art director portfolio closely with each.

But what makes a good art director? Every art director will have forged their own path, have their own definition of what their role is and their own approach to getting the job done and done well.

20 Design Portfolios You Need to See for Inspiration

Sometimes this may be learned from their own mentors and passed down in a master-apprentice way, whilst others may formulate their process utterly independently, through their personal experience, trial and error. And to add to the confusion, descriptions like 'Web Ninja', 'Pixel Guru' and 'Creative Wizard' infiltrate our world as well.

But how relevant is all of this to the junior art director portfolio we do? Copywriters scamp, art directors write, including contributions to blogs, books and magazines.


But does this make them any less an art director? And since I prefer to see the creative industry as junior art director portfolio peoples' industry, this collaboration and co-working was key to creating exciting new work.

Put together a killer portfolio Ed Robinson: Ninety percent of the junior art director portfolio I see are instantly forgettable — I would much rather see your take on Magritte's flying penises, than another bloody Guinness ad.

Be selfish, but don't be horrible JT: