Downloading your books in EPUB or PDF format lets you export them to read on devices or apps from other manufacturers than Kobo. Not all manufacturers. It's important to sync regularly to download newly purchased books to your Kobo the eBook is in PDF format, so you'll need to add it to your Library manually. Borrow an eBook from your public library using OverDrive. When you borrow a library eBook, you'll download the eBook's license file onto your PC or Mac. Use Adobe Digital Editions to copy the license file on to your Kobo eReader. Open the eBook on your Kobo eReader to read.


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Eject your eReader from kobo library ebooks computer. Connect your old eReader kobo library ebooks your computer.

Create a folder on your computer and name it something like "Books. Copy any books that you haven't already transferred to your new eReader and paste them into the folder you created.

If the book isn't available, you'll have the option to place the book on hold. You'll be notified by email when the book is available. Items you've borrowed are automatically returned at the end of their lending period.

Viewing your OverDrive books After you've borrowed books from OverDrive, you can sort your book view so that it only shows books you've borrowed from your public library.

Sorting your books lets you easily see all the books you've borrowed from OverDrive. Tap Filter in the grey bar kobo library ebooks the top of the screen. You only need to do this once. Click OK when Adobe finishes authorizing your computer. Tap Connect on your eReader.

Click the gear icon on the top-left corner beside Kobo eReader.

Borrowing books with OverDrive -

Select the account that you'd like to authorize. Click OK to complete the process.


Step 3 of 3: This means that when you download the eBook to your computer, you're downloading a license file. The license file is also known as a ".

Downloading books from your Kobo account to export to another device or app

If your eReader is already connected to your computer, go to step 5. Turn on your eReader. If you have the kobo library ebooks eReaders, you can kobo library ebooks books using the built-in OverDrive feature without using Adobe Digital Editions: DRM prevents the unauthorized copying or redistribution of eBooks to protect the rights of authors and publishers.

To get started with ADE: Install Adobe Digital Editions. Authorize your computer and eReader with ADE.


You'll need to use ADE when you want to: Read an eBook that you've borrowed from the library. ADE lets you load eBooks from the public library onto your eReader. If you have the following eReaders, you can borrow books using the built-in OverDrive feature without using Adobe Digital Editions: Sign up for an Adobe Kobo library ebooks from the Adobe website.

Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.