Love & Love Only is a English-language Australian feature film directed by Indian-born . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version  Music by‎: ‎Ilaiyaraaja. Though Love is a universal feeling, the perception of love differs across cultures. This film deals with the deeper needs and emotions associated with True Love. I personally have always had a fascination for this 'thing' called love. And maybe that's why romantic novels have always graced my book shelf.


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Life and love however separate their ways here.

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You can compromise and make deals with every other thing on earth, but not love. To prove it better, take not just the love you hold for your better half, take the beautiful feeling of love you hold for your mother. Will you ever compromise with that? Not even the most cruel and emotionless person earth would do that.

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The word is the same, LOVE, but feelings are different. Emotion we attach with them is different. We never compromise with one; we do have to compromise with the other.

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We do it to save other relationships that are more important, to save our own ego, to save our happiness. But ask your heart, what will you do to wash away the scar in your soul?

Either you never loved the person or you lied. Now many of you would say that I am being impractical. Well, when you are talking of love, you need to be that. Because, my dear, its love.


Love, like all other things and feelings on earth, has change over time. All that you read above, for many that would sound too cheesy and boring. In this whole process relationship is what gets lost. We try to keep up to all needs of our partner, but there comes a moment when we get pissed off, are tired and then when it all piles up, we love and love only book it off.

LOVE and LOVE only…

A school dropout from a broken family, Stacey falls in love with Krish and his honest ways. Krish soon falls in love too, love and love only book Stacey. He also manages to take a step towards achieving his business goals by getting an opportunity to start a new venture- a travel company.

How does Krishna tackle the relationship? Do the cultural differences create problems between them?


Is he able to prove to his father on his capability of running a business? Love and Love only is an intricate web and gamut of emotions and relationships. Despite being new comers, the acting is realistic and, definitely on par with many big budget actors.

Well expressed emotions, the lead pair have love and love only book right chemistry that is carried throughout the film. Filming[ edit ] Official love and love only book commenced on 14 November As everyone in the cast and crew including Julian had day jobs during the week, the film shooting was done only on weekends and the shooting was completed on a total of 30 shoot days over a period of 6 months.

Love and love only

love and love only book One of the major locations for filming was an Indian spice shop named Udaya spices where the main characters work. Music[ edit ] Contrary to regular industry practice, the composer of the film came aboard only after the whole film was edited and ready for a preliminary viewing.

So, he wanted to complete the film in the first place. Once he saw the finished product, he was confident enough to approach the legendary composer and made a trip to India for that sole purpose and had the opportunity to meet Ilaiyaraaja through his musical love and love only book Subbiah.