Макро фотографија је врста фотографије код које је увећање објеката и веће (, , ). Увећање представља ситуацију у којој димензије. Makro fotografija U užem smislu reči, u makro fotografije spadaju one sa uvećanjem objekata u razmeri ili većoj – , itd. Kada je razmera , objekat je. Carl Zeiss je proširio ponudu svojih objektiva za još dva odlična člana. Radi se o Makro-Planar T* 2/50 i Makro-Planar T* 2/, oba dostupna.


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Makro fotografija - fotograf Sergej Zabijako

Whether capturing an insect resting makro fotografija a flower or the dampness on a piece of fruit, these lenses allow a degree of sharpness that was hitherto impossible. Even with a maximum aperture opening and a low focal depth, makro fotografija desired image can be easily isolated from its disruptive surroundings.

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Both macro lenses render objects in close-up on a scale of 1: To makro fotografija such detail, these lenses include Carl Zeiss? This method works with cameras that have fixed lenses, and makro fotografija commonly used with bridge cameras.


These lenses add diopters to the optical power of the lens, decreasing the minimum focusing distance, and allowing the camera to get closer to the subject. They are typically designated by their diopter, and can be stacked with an additional loss of quality to achieve the makro fotografija magnification.

Photographers may employ view camera movements and the Scheimpflug principle to place an object close to the lens makro fotografija focus, while maintaining selective background focus.


This technique requires the use of a view camera or perspective control lens with the ability makro fotografija tilt the lens with respect to makro fotografija film or sensor plane. Traditional view cameras permit such adjustment as part of their design. Ordinary lenses can be used for macro photography by using a "reversing ring.

Excellent makro fotografija results up to 4x life-size magnification are possible. For cameras with all-electronic communications between the lens and the camera body specialty reversing rings are available which preserve these communications.


When used with extension tubes or bellows, a highly versatile, true macro greater than life size system can be assembled. Since non-macro lenses are makro fotografija for small reproduction ratios, reversing the lens allows it to be used for reciprocally high ratios. Macro photography may also be accomplished by mounting a lens in reverse, makro fotografija front of a normally mounted makro fotografija of greater focal length, using a macro coupler which screws into the front filter threads of both lenses.

This method allows most cameras to maintain the full function of electronic and mechanical communication with the normally mounted lens, for features such as open-aperture metering.

The magnification ratio is calculated by dividing the focal length of the normally mounted lens by the focal length of the reversed lens e. The makro fotografija of automatic focus is not makro fotografija if the first lens is not of the internal-focusing type, as the extra weight of the reverse-mounted lens could damage the autofocus mechanism.

Working distance is significantly less than the first lens. Increasingly, macro photography is accomplished using compact digital cameras and small-sensor bridge camerascombined with a high powered zoom lens and optionally a close-up diopter lens added to the front of the camera lens.