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No work without an aggressive character can be a masterpiece.

Poetry must be conceived manifiesto futurista a violent attack on unknown forces, to reduce and prostrate them before man. We stand on the last promontory of the centuries!

Why should we look back, manifiesto futurista what we want is manifiesto futurista break down the mysterious doors of the Impossible?

Time and Space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have created eternal, omnipresent speed. We will glorify war--the world's only hygiene--militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman.

We will destroy the museums, libraries, academies of every kind, will fight moralism, feminism, every opportunistic or utilitarian cowardice.


We will sing of great crowds excited by work, by pleasure, and by riot; we will sing of the multicolored, polyphonic tides of revolution in the modern capitals; we will sing of the vibrant nightly fervor of arsenals and shipyards blazing with violent electric moons; greedy railway stations that devour smoke-plumed serpents; factories hung on clouds by the crooked lines of their smoke; bridges that stride the rivers like giant gymnasts, flashing manifiesto futurista the sun with a glitter of knives; adventurous steamers that sniff the horizon; deep-chested locomotives whose manifiesto futurista paw the tracks like the hooves of enormous steel horses bridled by tubing; and the sleek flight of planes whose propellers chatter in the wind like banners and seem to cheer like an enthusiastic crowd.

It is from Italy that we launch through the world this violently upsetting incendiary manifesto of ours.

With it, today, we establish Futurism, because we want to free this land from its smelly gangrene of professors, archaeologists, ciceroni and antiquarians. For too long has Italy been a manifiesto futurista in second-hand clothes.

We mean to free her from the numberless museums that cover her like so many graveyards. Identical, surely, in the sinister promiscuity of so many bodies unknown to one another.

Manifiesto Futurista

That one should make an annual pilgrimage, just as one goes to the graveyard on All Souls' Day--that I grant.

That once a year one should leave a floral tribute beneath the Gioconda, I grant you that But I don't admit that our sorrows, manifiesto futurista fragile courage, our morbid restlessness should be given a daily conducted tour through the museums.

And what is there to see in an old picture except the laborious contortions of an artist throwing manifiesto futurista against the barriers manifiesto futurista thwart his desire to express his dream completely?

Admiring an old picture is the same as pouring our sensibility into a funerary urn instead of hurtling it far off, in violent spasms of action and creation. Do you, then, wish to waste all your best powers in this eternal and futile worship of the past, from which you emerge fatally exhausted, shrunken, beaten down?

In truth I tell you that daily visits to museums, libraries, and academies cemeteries of empty exertion, Calvaries of crucified dreams, registries of aborted beginnings! When the future is barred to them, the admirable past may be a solace for the ills of the moribund, the sickly, the prisoner But we want no part of it, the past, we the manifiesto futurista and strong Futurists!

So let them come, the gay incendiaries with charred manifiesto futurista


Manifiesto futurista aside the canals to flood the museums! Oh, the joy of seeing the glorious old canvases bobbing adrift on those waters, discolored and shredded!

Take up your manifiesto futurista, your axes and hammers and wreck, wreck the venerable cities, pitilessly!


The oldest of us is thirty: We affirm that the world's magnificence manifiesto futurista been enriched by a new beauty: A racing car whose hood is adorned with great pipes, like serpents of explosive breath--a roaring car that seems to ride on grapeshot is more manifiesto futurista than the Victory of Samothrace.

We want to hymn the man at the wheel, who hurls the lance of his spirit across the Earth, along the circle of its manifiesto futurista. The poet must spend himself with ardor, splendor, and generosity, to swell the enthusiastic fervor of the primordial elements.