For this we have technical advisors specialists in occupational Safety and hygiene, certified by STPS, who NOMSTPS NOMSTPS NOMSTPS BUILDING SAFETY. VERIFICATION NOMSTPS MACHINE SAFETY NOMSTPS SUSPENDED EQUIPMENT. NOMSTPS CLICK THE CARD TO FLIP IT. TAP THE NOMSTPS sistemas y dispositivos de NOMSTPS trabajos en altura.


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Those that, for congenital reasons or by acquisition, present one or more deficiencies of physical, mental, intellectual or sensorial character, whether of a permanent or temporary nature.

nom 009 stps 1999 Which are the Employers Obligations? To prepare specific programs, manuals and procedures, that orientate the performance of labor activities and processes under safe and emergency conditions.

To promote the incorporation of Health and Safety Commission. To include in visible places of the Workplace the warnings or signs and colors to inform, warn and prevent Risks.

To carry out the nom 009 stps 1999 of assessment, evaluation and control of contaminants of the work environment, for the purpose of conserving the Environmental Conditions of the Workplace within the exposure limit values.

Apply the Occupational Health and Safety measures stipulated in this Regulation and in the Standards.


To order nom 009 stps 1999 application of medical examinations for Occupationally Exposed Personnel required by this Regulation and the Standards; To provide the workers with the personal protective equipment according to the risks to which they are exposed by their work.

To inform the workers with respect to the Risks related to the activity they are carrying out.

Nom 009 stps 1999 qualify and train the workers on the prevention of Risks and the attention to emergencies. To qualify the personnel of the Workplace that is part of the Health and Safety Commission and the Preventive Services of Occupational Health and Safety and, when applicable, to support the updating of the persons responsible for the Internal Preventive Services of Occupational Services.

To issue the authorizations for the performance of hazardous activities or tasks that are detailed in this Regulation and specific Standards. To maintain the administrative records, printed or electronic, established in this Regulation and the Standards; Give Notice nom 009 stps 1999 writing or by electronic means of the labor accidents that may occur, as well as the deaths that occur for reasons of work risks within 72 hours of becoming aware of them.

Norma Oficicial Mexicana NOMSTPS by Nayeli Sánchez on Prezi

To file the notices related to the functioning containers subject to pressure, cryogenic containers and steam generators or boilers, that are included in the Regulation. To have the official documents, reports of results and compliance certificates in matters of Occupational Health and Safety.

Supervise that contractors comply with the Occupational Health and Safety measures, when they carry out tasks within their installations. To authorize and facilitate the exercise of the duties of inspection and oversight on the part of the Labor Authority.

Which are the Employees Obligations? To observe the preventive measures of Occupational Health and Safety provided in this Regulation and the Standards, as well as those established by nom 009 stps 1999 for the prevention of Risks. To inform the employer and the Health and Safety Commission immediately on Unsafe Conditions that are evident and Work Accidents that occur, and collaborate nom 009 stps 1999 the investigation of the same.

To comply with submitting themselves to the medical examinations determined by this Regulation and the Standards. To participate in the qualification and training that, in matters of prevention of Risk and attention to emergencies are imparted by the employer or by the persons designated by the employer.

Regarding Labor, Health and Safety relations it is the work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare "STPS" to draft the mechanisms Laws, Regulations, Standards, etcetera through which said relations will be governed as well as to maintain same updated according to the necessities of the society as well as to inspect compliance of said laws with the purpose to guarantee the development of our country through the equilibrium of the production factors.

Derived from the above and as established in the Mexican Constitution, the Federal Labor Law "LFT" and with the purpose to reach the objectives in the National Development Plan -this Regulation was published.

Purpose This Regulation is public of order and social interest and of general observance in all of Mexico and aims to establish provisions in matter of Health and Safety at Work to be observed in the Workplace areas1, in order to: Jurisdiction and Inspection The application and inspection of this Regulation is responsibility of STPS who nom 009 stps 1999 be aid by the labor authorities of the Federal Entities and the Federal District, with regards to activities under state jurisdiction.

Risks that place in danger the life, physical integrity or the health of workers; and Adverse and substantial changes in the work environment, that affect or can affect the safety of workers or cause damages to the installations, machinery, equipment and materials of the Workplace.

The STPS can issue specific Standards for Occupational Health and Safety, in the case of those areas industrial, commercial or services or economic activities with particular characteristics that merit a differentiated treatment or that have a major rate of Work Accidents, incapacities or deaths.

Which are the Relevant Aspects of nom 009 stps 1999 Regulation? The inclusion of new Concepts such as: Those that derive from the nonobservance or inattention to the procedures or safety measures established in this Regulation and the Standards, and that can lead to the occurrence of Occupational Incidents, Accidents and Illnesses or material damages to the Workplace.

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