O Holy Night - CHARRANGEMENT - KoG. 1. O Holy Night [CAPO 3 - G]. Public Domain Hymn. Adapted and Arranged by Chuck Bell. INTRO (6/8 but feel in 2). The lyrics and chords to O Holy Night. Transpose Christmas songs to any key with Key Switch at Download the Chords for O Holy Night by Kerrie Roberts, from the album The Essential Christmas Collection.


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I have them read and play the first left-hand chord, then tell me its name C.

Song Key Finder

Even though it seems like that should be pretty obvious, the doubling of the C at the octave can cause confusion. Especially if they haven't played the chord built in that manner, kids may be cautious about advancing an opinion about a chord if it shows up in unfamiliar guise!

When I ask them to analyze this chord, I may have to say "Look for the interval of a 4th. They always recognize chords in root position.

This slash chord, the F over C, is so beautiful that we usually start over so we can experience it again without hesitation or so much hesitation, at least!

Most kids will start immediately to form a G chord, so I give them a warning to read carefully. We do this right over the beat where o holy night key of g chord begins not centered over the measure, which some kids are tempted to do. In the next measure, the hand stays where it is, o holy night key of g changes to a G7 chord.

It is pretty easy to read those intervals of 3rds. We count up from the bottom just to confirm that the top note, "f," is indeed 7 steps up from the bass note "g", making it a "seventh chord. Most of my students know that the G7 chord or V7 chord always makes us feel like "going home" to the main chord tonic chordC.

And sure enough, that is just what happens.

O Holy Night

And if you didn't already know, the minor chords are designated with lower-case Roman numerals, not capitals as the major chords have. Now let's skip to page 3 of the O Holy Night sheet music Sometimes instead of having my students try to play those measures, I say, "Look at my hand.

What am I doing? They see right away if they can recognize chord inversions that it is just a C chord inversion, broken, ascending.

O Holy Night - Leadsheet for Piano/Vocal/Guitar Lowered to G

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This score is free! His enemies will be his footstool. He will judge the living and the dead.

O Holy Night chords by Sara Groves - Worship Chords

He has all authority in heaven and on earth, and his kingdom will never end. Without doubt, he is the King of kings. In a trillion ways, Jesus is different.

Jesus Became Like Us Jesus is indissolubly, inconceivably, unquantifiably different, until the King of kings laid thus in lowly manger until the fullness of time had come and he was born of a woman, born under the law, until he became a great high priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses, a friend in our trials, o holy night key of g redeemer who understands.

Jesus came to earth as a human like us.