How to Read Palms. Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is something that's practiced all over the world. It has its roots in Indian. A Guide to Palm Reading. Kay Packard, the founder of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, in Three Rivers, California, explains the fortune-teller party trick. Palm reading is an age-old practice, and it can be a lot of fun as well. We've gathered up some basic palmistry principles that are easy to learn, with a special.


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Palmistry - Wikipedia

Air Hands are characterized by a square palm, long fingers, and thin, clear lines. These are the hands of intellectual and sociable people.

They are often restless and in need of change palmistry reading stimulation, mostly of the mental kind. As lovers, these people look for mental rapport above all else. Earth Hands are characterized by a square palm, short fingers, strong or thick skin, and deep, clear, and straight lines.

These are the hands of practical, down-to-earth people with strong vitality. They often have a strong connection to nature and palmistry reading outdoors.

As lovers, palmistry reading are generally quite dependable and straightforward. Fire Hands are characterized by long palms, short fingers, plentiful and prominent lines, and firm, warm skin.

A Guide to Palm Reading

These are the hands of risk-takers and action-oriented people. As lovers, they are positive and confident, willing to take the lead.

Water Hands are characterized by long palms, long fingers, plenty of fine lines that are not always clear, and soft, damp skin.

These palmistry reading indicate a creative, emotional person.


As lovers, they are sensitive, vulnerable, a little naive, and focused on caring and being cared for. There are various considerations related to the length of the palm as well as the size, shape, and length of the fingers.

This branch of palmistry is called chirognomy. There palmistry reading various hand shape types, including spatulate, square, and psychic, and knotted. The following are some of the palmistry reading for determining the size of the palm and fingers: When the vertical and palmistry reading measurements of the palm are approximately equal, it is considered a square palm.

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A long palm is when its vertical measurement is longer than the horizontal measurement. Fingers are considered long when the length of the middle finger is equal palmistry reading or greater than three-quarters of the length height of the palm.

Fingers are considered short when the length of the middle finger palmistry reading less than palmistry reading of the length of the palm.

The flexibility of the thumb is thought to measure how adaptable a person is.

The more flexible the thumb, the more easy-going the character is. A lack of flexibility suggests an obstinate person.