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I think you're going to like it so let me tell you a little about it. The Book of Terniel follows the PCs as they attempt to recover a stolen magical tome. There are four factions that want this book and maybe a fifth if the PCs decide to pathfinder rpg pdf books it.

The Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder

pathfinder rpg pdf books The adventure is written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and is intended for for four to five 1st-level characters that will progress to level 3 by the end our first playtest was with a group as large as 9 PCs so we'll include some notes for running encounters with larger groups.

Players can complete this module in many different ways. They may choose to side with one of the 'evil' factions.

They may choose to kill everything in their way. They may choose diplomacy. A pathfinder rpg pdf books deal of effort has been undertaken to ensure PCs are given a long rope.


There are three acts to the story, each with a different focus in style of play. In the first, the PCs spend time investigating and roleplaying before a short dungeon crawl.


The second is a sandbox-style exploration of a swamp. Finally it wraps up with a large dungeon where PCs can choose between stealth, diplomacy, or conflict to bring the story to a conclusion. pathfinder rpg pdf books


Effort has been made at every stage to bring the characters and locations to life pathfinder rpg pdf books from the hobgoblin warlord that makes pottery, to the slug farms deep in the Fetid Bog, to the friendly druid who is almost never at home as she's out blessing farm fields.

Learn more about the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at paizo.

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But wait, there's more! In addition to a great adventure, you'll also get: A new playable race, the moguren living, sentient mushroomsand a race write up for the sahuagin.

Both have been kept to a 0-level adjustment race, making them excellent player choices. Two new monsters a farol demon and the Khazar Blood Beast. Eight pre-generated characters pathfinder rpg pdf books exceptional artwork for several of them and all of them if we make some stretch goals!


We are huge supporters of open gaming and that's why we want to release Erien and all of the surrounding land under a license that allows you to build freely on what we start.

As Erien will be game-system neutral we felt the CC license pathfinder rpg pdf books the most appropriate.

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Of course the adventure itself will contain Pathfinder Roleplaying Game specific rules that will be handled via the OGL. Things such as the new monsters, NPC stats, and Erien's city stat bloc.

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One final note, although it is beyond the scope of this Kickstarter, we envision a day in the not-so-distant future when we as gamers come together to build an online repository of free-for-commercial use content that anyone can draw on for any game system they should choose and we think the CC license is the right choice for that.

We begin as the PCs arrive in the village of Erien, hired for the simple task of retrieving a pathfinder rpg pdf books, the Book of Terniel.

As the man they are to collect it from is not in town when they arrive, they have some time to explore the village, interact with the residents and maybe meet some of the important people.

Pathfinder rpg pdf books time is important as it sets up characters and rumors the PCs will be drawing on throughout the course of the adventure and beyond, should you choose to explore them.