DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world, featuring a wide variety of characters and genres. Renowned for the. CBR takes a look back at Stan Lee's version of the DC Universe, A-list comic artists to give their takes on some of DC's iconic characters over. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN theme contain batman and many other different characters of Dc comics.


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After his release, he dons a suit inspired by the animal and becomes a successful professional wrestler known as the Batman. Using his newfound fortune to add working pdf batman comics characters and a few other gadgets to the suit, he gets revenge against Handz.

His attempts to write street-level dialogue come across as clumsy and dated, and do little to define one-note characters.


In ancient times, Merlin trapped Morgana Le Fey in a tree before creating a monster to fight her, should she ever get free. Then in modern day India, secret agents Robert Rogers and Carla Noral are searching for Gunga Khan, a monocle-and-leopard print-wearing terrorist who plans to take over the United States with a shrink ray.

The two spies fight off some thugs pdf batman comics characters beating a street magician.


Robert soon realizes that saying " Shazam " transforms him into the giant beast that Merlin created. He then defeats Khan and destroys his shrink ray. With such an outrageous plot, "Shazam" reads like an over-the-top farce that never quite comes together.

Admirably drawn by Buscema, Saladin, a Kryptonian police officer, discovers that his wife has been killed by the criminal Gorrok.

Saladin, calling himself Pdf batman comics characters Kent, attains some notoriety after showing off his powers at a circus that dubs him Superman.

This Superman has the start of a neat hook here pdf batman comics characters the character doing good for an ultimately personal reason.

14 Unofficial (and One Official) Marvel/DC Crossovers | CBR

Mxyzptlk are basically the same character. Pdf batman comics characters rather, the Impossible Man, created inis a rip-off of Mr. Mxyzptlk, created in Either way, they are both extradimensional imps with god-like reality warping powers, less interested in battling heroes than playing around with them.

Of course, we at CBR were not the only ones to notice these similarities.

Crisis on Infinite Earths. A massive crossover event covering the entire DC Universe, it saw the villainous Anti-Monitor attempting to devour the multiverse.


Five years later, one of Marvel's Elders of the Universe, the Runner, gathered every speedster in the Marvel Universe for a great Race. One of the competitors, an amnesiac blond man wearing a tattered red and yellow costume, breaks through dimensional barriers to pdf batman comics characters the race.

pdf batman comics characters He wins, and is deemed the fastest man alive. When asked his name, he says he remembers it sounded a bit like "Buried Alien. His successor, Kyle Rayner, became the last of the Green Lanterns, and did his best to become a true hero to live up to the name.

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Kyle, an artist, would of course be right at home in the hip neighborhoods of Manhattan. So, after the harrowing death of his girlfriend the infamous fridginghe moves to Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. Readers who are particularly fastidious about their trivia pdf batman comics characters notice that that is right next door to another famous superhero.

And of course, Rayner pdf batman comics characters right into Strange's manservant Wong, who shows him around the neighborhood.

Stan Lee's DC Comics 'Just Imagine' Stories, Ranked | CBR

pdf batman comics characters Ina writer named Steve Skeates was writing Aquaman. Now, Crusader has bad eyesight, so he builds a satellite to light up Detroit at night, so he can continue fighting crime.

Small catch, it causes a massive growth of algae that threatens to consume the city, bringing in Aquaman.

Aquaman manages to detonate the satellite at the climax of the issue.