Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Human Rights. Profile. Assistant Director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA) at St Andrews. Philosophical-Political Profiles (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought). By Jürgen Habermas. Philosophical-Political Profiles (Studies in. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jurgen Habermas: A Philosophical-Political Profile (review) | Journal of the History of Philosophy


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UCC Research Profiles: Cara Nine, Philosophy

I argue that this conception is outmoded and unable to address many of the most serious and widespread contemporary harm, which increasingly result from extremely complex complex philosophical political profiles chains involving the behaviour of a huge number of agents, few or none of whom can be singled out as responsible for a serious harm to any specific victim.

I argue that philosophical political profiles harms may clearly constitute human rights violations, and suggest an alternative account of the nature of many of the negative duties imposed by human rights. Against Onora O'Neill's influential critique of welfare rights I argue that in fact the distinction between imperfect and perfect obligations may not map onto the distinction between positive and negative obligations.

OUPpp. They also help to situate his theoretical work by revealing his deepest concerns.


Taken separately, both Habermas's authoring and authorship demonstrate huge, sometimes culpable, blindnesses and aporias. Whether dealing with Jewish mysticism or critiques of modernity, Habermas is always illuminating and incisive.

Invited Lectures philosophical political profiles Compromise and Justice. Nine, Cara Compromise and Justice. International Justice, Sovereignty and Liberty Conference.

Working Paper Seminar Series. Invited Lectures [Details] Compromise and Entitlements: Nine, Cara Compromise and Entitlements: Nine, Cara The Right against Displacement.

Jürgen Habermas, Philosophical Political Profiles - PhilPapers

He brings an original interpretation of earlier thinkers of critical theory such as Adorno and Benjamin and thinkers associated with postmodernism such Foucault and Derrida to deepen philosophical political profiles understanding of both the significance and limitations of Habermas's work.

Work philosophical political profiles Progress "On Falling Short" - Many of us should do more - that is, more than we currently do - for others. And we know this; we are aware of our moral imperfection.