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The development of a Laboratory information management system LIMS is underway and will improve the management of samples identification, localisation tested and the traceability of their associated data.

Quality Management Systems Implementation Compared With Organizational Maturity in Hospital

The objective quality management system article to be able to find easily where a sample comes from, whose it is, to which methods it relates, everything that has been done throughout its life cycle and how to use dispose of it [ 1617 ]. The LIMS will also be used for the management of equipment which will facilitate the work quality management system article the Equipment and Metrology Representativesand also consumables so as to avoid the use of different product or reagent lots where this would impact upon results.

Document management is another essential factor that has to be properly handled by the laboratory. The laboratory lists the operating procedures that need to be formalized, schedules their realization, has them written up, and disseminates them via any means considered appropriate to quality management system article them to be used in operational conditions.

Quality Management Articles

The laboratory defines and utilizes quality management system article documents for the writing of operating procedures.

An initial list of documents has been created. It is updated by the Quality representatives in such a way that every quality management system article can be aware of all operating procedures in existence as well as of modifications to them. Documents created and validated as part of the QMS are made available for use by means of a document management tool.

This tool is encountering a certain amount of resistance as some scientists object to this general availability of what they consider to be their own documents.

Quality Management Articles

All researchers know that it is essential to describe precisely their methods and to validate and to improve their scientific works. It is also important to record correctly the validation methods used and the associated results and data.

For the continuous quality management system article of the research laboratory, the useful QMS tools allow the quality management system article to also share knowledge and better capitalize on a know-how.

This empowers it to ensure that the purchasing, maintenance, calibration, and verification of equipment are conducted appropriately [ 27 — 29 ]. When it was created inthe laboratory had eight different types of inventory for the listing of equipment. Critical equipment was not always identified as such and several different service-providers could be involved in the regulatory control of a single apparatus type depending on which teams used it.

It was a matter of high priority to standardize the inventory and equipment management systems pertaining to information such as model, make, serial number, commissioning date, person responsible, etc.

It took almost two years to develop an internal network with a referent for each team a matter of 35 Equipment and metrology representatives and collectively define their brief: When a piece of equipment fails a conformity check, the validity of all preceding results must be re-established.


All operations pertaining to equipment are covered in the common equipment management and control procedures, and in equipment user, maintenance, calibration, verification and monitoring instructions. An annual schedule for both internal and external verification of critical equipment has been set quality management system article [ 27 ].

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  • Quality Management Systems Implementation Compared With Organizational Maturity in Hospital
  • 1. Background

The weighing-scales are also verified annually by an external service-provider. Weighing-scales that are identified as non-critical undergo in-house verification only.

In molecular biology, pipetting of reagents is a critical activity which can have a significant impact on a quality management system article, especially where small volumes are concerned.

Due to the number of pipettes in use, these make up a significant proportion of the equipment to be checked. For temperature, the laboratory has acquired a reference thermometer, calibrated annually, with which to verify operational laboratory thermometers.

For verification of more complex equipment such as thermal cyclers, a workgroup has been set up quality management system article the aim of developing a procedure to be used for in-house verification.