Quit. Smoking and help your heart. The “Quit Smoking Program” can help you quit smoking for life! Tobacco addiction is the most important preventable cause of. Giving up. More information. SMOKING. Choose the right day and make sure it is not a stressful time (eg during exams or a family crisis). Keep occupied for the. Want to help someone quit smoking? Get free tools, guides, and resources designed to help them quit smoking and remain smokefree.


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Learn more at www. It represents a profession of more thancertified PAs quit smoking brochure all medical and surgical specialties in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.

More information is available at www. Snuff a Butt, Save a Life — at cecenter.

Stop Smoking

The ACC represents the majority of board-certified U. ACC members are physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, and practice managers. A Virtual Clinic is a CME-accredited online training which provides education about smoking cessation during pregnancy and beyond.

This resource section includes policy papers, video highlights of the Annals of Internal Medicine studies on smoking cessation, and instructional briefs about tobacco cessation and tobacco-related disease. American Quit smoking brochure Association ACA The ACA is a not-for-profit, professional and quit smoking brochure organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession.

More information is available online at www.

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  • Quit Smoking for Good Brochure | American Heart Association
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American Pharmacist Association APhA Founded inAPhA is the largest association quit smoking brochure pharmacists in the United States, with more than 62, practicing pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians as members.

American Psychiatric Association APA The APAis an organization of psychiatrists working together to ensure humane care and effective treatment for all persons with mental illness, including substance use disorders.

APA quit smoking brochure more than 37, members involved in psychiatric practice, research, and academia representing the diversity of the patients for whom they care. If the difference between the drawbacks and the advantages is: Less than 20 Greater than or equal to 20 You underestimate the drawbacks of smoking and overestimate the benefits.

To progress, you should change your attitude. Carefully read this brochure and follow its suggestions. Inform yourself of the risks of smoking by talking to quit smoking brochure doctor or by reading the documents listed at the end of this booklet. When you are wholly aware of the drawbacks of smoking, you will be half of the way there!

You are on the right track! Your attitude towards cigarettes is similar to that of people who have made the decision to stop smoking "preparation" stage of change. For you, the moment has come to actively prepare an attempt to quit smoking.

Quit smoking brochure this brochure carefully and follow its suggestions.

Quit Smoking

Next, read our brochure entitled, "It quit smoking brochure final, I am quitting smoking. Stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to protect your health, whatever your age and the number of years you have smoked.


In the USA, in the UK, and in most developed countries, smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease. In the USA,people die each year from diseases caused by smoking.

This is equivalent to 1, crashes of a Boeing more than 3 quit smoking brochure per day! In the UK, smoking is responsible fordeaths per year.

Stop-tabac: Booklet for smokers in the Contemplation stage of change

Smoking does not only kill old people. The mortality is lower for women because, in the past, women were less likely to smoke than men. One smoker out of 2 will die of quit smoking brochure disease caused by his or her smoking.