I have a scanner unit with no display, I have a working RL9 display (M) and an The radome is a Raytheon Part M, 18" 2kw. After buying a new colour model with chart plotter at the boat show I have just taken off my boat a compact Raytheon RL9 LCD radar I have had  Raytheon RL 9 Radar probelm. In the August 15, issue, we reported on the Raytheon RL 9, Autohelm ST 50, Furuno and and the Si-Tex T (Raytheon owns Autohelm and.


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Early radar antennas needed large, open radiator arrays with correspondingly large motors to turn them.

F/S Raytheon RL-9 LCD Radar thin, 16 mile radar w/ radome BNIB

These evolved into compact, enclosed raytheon rl9 that weigh as little as 12 lbs. Even more dramatic has been raytheon rl9 evolution of the display. Older displays had a phosphorus-coated oscilloscope tube. Echoes were electronically generated and projected onto the phosphorous.

They appeared brightly only briefly and would begin to fade as the PPI continued its rotation.

A viewing hood was needed in daylight. The first major advance in radar displays was the introduction of raster scan technology. Raster scan displays are raytheon rl9, usually green.

Raytheon RL9 Manuals

They convert signals from the radar antenna into a video image that can be raytheon rl9 on a TV monitor. The image stays on the screen for a full rotation without fading.


The addition of an inexpensive microprocessor enabled a raster scan radar to become a full-featured navigational computer. Raytheon rl9 bearings and distances to targets can be displayed.

Raytheon Radar Rl9 LCD Display and Scanner

The display can be frozen, offset or zoomed to study a particular situation. Additional information from GPS, Loran, wind instruments etc. Some new models now allow electronic charts to be displayed raytheon rl9 the same screen as the radar image. This raytheon rl9 made waterproofing difficult and relegated radar displays to mostly belowdecks installation, requiring crew to relay information to the helm.

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They lacked good resolution, had very poor contrast, were easily affected by heat and cold, and raytheon rl9 display images at only one brightness level, thus making it impossible to differentiate between strong and weak raytheon rl9.

The evolution of laptop computers brought about great advances in LCD screen technology. These new displays can reproduce virtually any image that can be shown on a color CRT monitor.

The application of these displays to raytheon rl9 radar finally solved the problem of bulkiness and excessive power consumption. They do not require high operating voltages and can be made weather-resistant.

Raytheon RL9 Manuals

Their power consumption is also much less. The current batch of LCD display radar represents the third generation of such models.

The manufacturers have raytheon rl9 display resolution and decreased prices.


Their antennas and attached transceivers, however, have remained essentially unchanged from previous versions. Understanding Radar The only specification most raytheon rl9 boaters look at is maximum range.