Seven Swords of Sin was released at GenCon Indy and was the featured adventure in the first Gen Con Paizo Publishing "delve" event. The module's plot. Seven Swords of Sin is an extremely deadly dungeon adventure for 7th-level characters, compatible with the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game. Seven Swords of Sin was released at Gen Con Indy and was the featured adventure in the first Gen Con Paizo Publishing "delve" event.


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Does an extra 1d4 necrotic each time it hits. On crit, 4d6 draining damage. Does nothing to effect it's wielder, jut slowly drains the life from him and transfers it to the sleeping form of Runelord Goparlis, slowly trying to give him enough power to seven swords of sin again.

Seven Swords of Sin for 5e : DnD

Each of the Seven Seven swords of sin Sins is related to a school of magic. The art of suppressing magic other than your own. Calling agents and minions to perform your deeds for you, or creating what you needed as you need it.

Mastery of the raw destructive powers of magic, and channeling those destructive forces.


Perfecting your own appearance and your domain through trickery and illusions. Magic that manipulates the physical body to provide an unending thirst for life. Magically transforming things into objects of greater value or use, and enhancing the physical self.

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Well, what do you think? My players have already defeated Lust and are close to fighting Pride.

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One of the four Framers betrayed the other three for selfish gains and attempted to bring Ubgatra into this world and plunge it into darkness.

The Three remaining Framers rose to the challenge and united Thassilon for the first time in its history. During the Second Age, the traitor created an army of spellcasters and fused each of them with the pure essence seven swords of sin each of the seven deadly sins until they became walking personifications of the sins themselves.

The Three Framers enlisted the aide of seven sages to assist them in thwarting seven swords of sin Runelords. These sages forged seven swords embodied with each of the seven righteous virtues that served as a foil to each of the seven deadly sins.

Seven swords of sin of the Runelords: Although significant weapons even when dormant, the swords reveal their true power only when active, states that require the reawakening of Thassilon's infamous runelords.

Either dead or locked in the grips of millennia-old dormancy, these runelords number among the most ingenious villains ever to walk the face of Golarion, and even the most selfish of the Alara'hai's wielders seek to awaken these archmages—even if only to empower their weapons.

However, the swords also serve as a warning of the runelords' restoration, with an awakened Sword of Sin presaging a far seven swords of sin threat. Any creature who wields an awakened Sword of Sin constantly runs the risk of being dominated by the intelligent weapon.

Greed requires murder for power, money, land, etc.

The Seven Swords of Sin | Obsidian Portal

Envy will appear due to murder out of jealousy or desire of what other have. Pride comes from deaths to show ones status or power or when one cannot admit they were wrong.

Sloth is a special case and very difficult to obtain as it requires the user to remain absolutely neutral and unaffected for seven swords of sin long period of time and they must do so when they lose something or someone incredibly precious to them. How each sword feels and its ease when wielding can depend on how the sin affects the user.

If they are troubled by what they have done at any time, the sword is heavy and dull for they feel the weight of their burden.