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Goals out-of-reach are motivating but goals out-of-sight are demotivating.

Productivity depends on the effective use of time. People, who waste valuable minutes, eventually lose hours and days not realizing shiv khera quotes loss till it is too late.

Shiv Khera Motivational Thoughts and Inspirational Quotes

Unlike a bank account, you cannot carry forward a time balance in your life. Life management is nothing more than managing priorities in life.

If you waste time, time will waste you. An organized schedule has a pay-off. An unorganized schedule you have to pay for. Nothing magical is going to happen at shiv khera quotes last moment unless consistent effort has been made shiv khera quotes advance.

Shiv Khera Quotes Images In Hindi

Winners wait for their destination shiv khera quotes losers wait for their destiny. Unethical people bring discredit to everything and everyone associated with them, regardless of their profession.


Good sales professionals sell products and services, they sell their professional time but not their conscience. Things may come to those shiv khera quotes wait, but only things left by those who hustle.

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Hence success is a matter of choice and not chance. They think constructively and they know that their level of thinking determines their success.

A mission is an action that leads a person shiv khera quotes a purpose through a philosophy.

Shiv Khera Quotes Images In Hindi

One of the greatest motivational speakers!! They will not give you answers but will put you on a path to seek answers. Of all the creatures in the world, humans are physically the most ill-equipped.

All our mistakes are burnt up. Thank God we shiv khera quotes start anew.

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January 15, Inspiration For youth of late 90's andShiv Khera shiv khera quotes a very important name. Shiv Khera is an author, business coach and a motivational speaker. And has made a profound impact on our thinking. Last week, I happened to meet him during his high impact workshop.