This section introduces some key consideration of potential impact on the environment and society of an infrastructure project. Environmental and Social Issues. Environmental issues may present themselves as temporary or permanent changes to the atmosphere, water, and land due to human activities, which can result in impacts that may be either reversible or irreversible.‎Air Emissions and Air Quality · ‎Biodiversity and Natural · ‎Hazardous Materials. 6 Social Issues and the Environment After reading this chapter, you will be conversant with: From unsustainable to sustainable development Urban problems.


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Planning permission Projects invariably give rise to planning issues, whether involving the creation or extension of facilities.

Social issues and the environment a county does not have any established planning laws, it may wish to introduce them, whether for the specific project or more broadly, to cover anything from unsightly buildings, access to facilities, harmony with the neighboring countryside, etc.

A service provider will be keen to leave the duty of obtaining planning permission with the awarding authority as it is likely have greater influence over the planning authority and be more familiar with the planning processes.

6. Social Issues and the Environment - Environmental Education [Book]

As in many other cities, African Americans and other low-income people largely resided in the lower elevations in New Orleans, and whites and higher-income people largely resided social issues and the environment the higher elevations.

The flooding naturally had a much greater impact on the lower elevations and thus on African Americans and the poor.

After the flood, African Americans seeking new housing in various real estate markets were more likely than whites to be told that no housing was available. His various research efforts are an outstanding example of how social research can increase understanding of a significant social problem.

The report adds that global climate change will have its greatest effects on the poorest nations: Examples of environmental racism and social issues and the environment abound. Almost all the hazardous waste sites we discuss later in this chapter are located in or near neighborhoods and communities that are largely populated by low-income people and people of color.

Environmental issue - Wikipedia

When factories dump social issues and the environment chemicals into rivers and lakes, the people living nearby are very likely to be low-income and of color. Around the world, the people most affected by climate change and other environmental problems are those in poor nations and, even within those nations, those who are poorer rather than those who are wealthier.

Some evidence shows that although low-income people are especially likely to be exposed to environmental problems, this exposure is even more likely if they are people of color than if they are white.

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As should be apparent from the discussion in this section, the existence of environmental inequality and environmental racism shows that social inequality in the larger society exposes some people much more than others to environmental dangers.

This insight is one of the most important contributions of environmental sociology.


Global climate change is very likely social issues and the environment have its greatest impact on people in the poorest nations, even though these nations are the least responsible for greenhouse gases. Environmental Problems To say that the world is in peril environmentally might sound extreme, but the world is in fact in peril.

Land, Environmental and Social Issues | Public private partnership

An overview of environmental problems will indicate the extent and seriousness of this problem. Air pollution probably kills thousands of Americans every year and 2 million people across the planet.


The worldwide toll is much greater, and the World Health Organization estimates that 1. These deaths stem from the health conditions that air pollution causes, including heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory disease such as asthma.

15.3 The Environment

Most air pollution stems from the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. This problem occurs not only in the wealthy industrial nations but also in the nations of the developing world; countries such as China and India have some of the worst air pollution.


Social issues and the environment developing nations, mortality rates of people in cities with high levels of particulate matter carbon, nitrates, sulfates, and other particles are 15—50 percent higher than the mortality rates of those in cleaner cities. In European countries, air pollution is estimated to reduce average life expectancy by 8.

Their bodies and brains grow rapidly, and they breathe in more air per pound of body weight than adults do. They also absorb substances, including toxic substances from their gastrointestinal tract faster than adults do.