Suomea paremmin: opettajan opas (Teacher's guide) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Susanna Hart is the author of Suomea Paremmin ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ). 23 terms. suomea paremmin pt2. 42 terms. Suomea Paremmin 33 terms. suomea paremmin 17 terms. Suomea paremmin pt2.


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Tue Nov 28, 4: A lot of new material has recently appeared on the market, so I'll leave it up to someone else to recommend a good book for rank suomea paremmin learning Finnish.

Suomea paremmin: Opettajan opas - Susanna Hart - Google книги

Once you've learned more Finnish, I highly recommend Leila White's suomea paremmin. To that end, what are the opinions of any of you who has used From Start to Finnish by the same woman? I have experience with the following books: Finnlectura ad suomea paremmin I started learning Finnish with Leila White's From start to Finnish but don't think it's a good book.

It did its purpose when used in class, but I don't find it suomea paremmin good for a self-teaching scenario. The texts completely arbitrary in their content -- mainly it was simply a list of 2 sentences that belonged together, but there was little overall text coherence, apart from maybe the same feature of grammar used in all the sentences.

This to my mind is annoying as the introduced vocabulary most of the time isn't well anchored in any context. The units are very short, sometimes just three pages, so that the main thrust is on quickly introducing as much grammar as possible, with maybe a list of little connected phrases.


The suomea paremmin are often translating exercises, which is suomea paremmin bad in itself but I found generally that there's little variety in the way the exercises are designed.

The good thing about the book is that it covers quite a lot of grammar, which is explained in English.

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The layout and design of the book is pretty suomea paremmin too, at least in the edition I got seems like it's typeset in MS Word!! In general, it surely is good as a grammar reference with extended examples, but as book for self studying, I don't like it at suomea paremmin.

There is often some topic that binds the unit together and thus better anchors vocab in some kind of context. All the grammar is explained in Finnish and there are no vocab lists. Which is maybe fair enough as an idea not that I agree thoughbut at the same time it makes it pretty impossible to use the book for self-study without a teacher.

I myself prefer constructed texts without an overload of unknown vocab and grammar, but I appreciate that there are different opinions.

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In addtion, there are no solutions in the book for the exercises, thus again suomea paremmin very helpful in a self-studying context.

Lately I've noticed there seems to be a different version of Hyvin menee on the market, which has Hyvin menee 1 and 2. Mine is called simply "hyvin menee", so probably it's an older version.

It's possible that the current editions are very different suomea paremmin what I've described above, so maybe that needs to be taken into account.

Suomea paremmin

The texts are coherent, bound together with the rest of the unit in terms of an overall topic again anchoring the vocab and grammar features.

Grammar is explained in English and there's a vocab list for each unit in English. There's a separate suomea paremmin book, thus providing much more exercises for each unit, which are nicely varying -- not simply those where suomea paremmin fill in the gaps, but a variety of different grammar exericses, in addition to vocab exercises, discussion exercises as well as text comprehension and listening comprehension exercises not that the other books didn't also have text comprehension and listening comprehension, but there's much more room for these exercises here, without taking space from suomea paremmin lots of grammar exercises.

suomea paremmin Solutions to the exercises are provided at the end of the book. Personally I suomea paremmin mind at all that there's an 80s spirit in the book, I find it more important to have good exercises and some kind of coherence in the units.

In addition, I found the first two volumes of this book to cover much more grammar than any other Finnish teaching books I know. For my purposes suomea paremmin learning preferences, Finnish for foreigners is definitely the best book.

Layout like having been set on a typewriter, it centers exclusively on grammar with things like vocab or texts only of marginal importance in suomea paremmin impression.

Basically the vocab is introduced in the grammar exercises there are some texts but they are not very much linked to the rest of the unit in any way.