Faces - وجوه, fire - نار, food - طعام, except - إلَّا, hunger - جوع, hear - تسمع, cups - أكواب, camels - الإبل, sky - السماء, mountains - الجبال. A Project to introduce every human being on Internet to the meanings of Quran as well as help in memorization. The overwhelming: the Resurrection which will overshadow the whole world. One should know that here the Hereafter as a whole is being depicted, which.


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88. Surah Al-Ghaashiyah (The Overwhelming)

May Allah swt give us that joy on surah al ghashiyah Day. This verse is telling us that these people will be content with the urgent efforts they had made in this dunya.


These are the efforts of prayer and purification, the remembrance of Allah swtthe efforts they made to protect themselves and their family from haram, the surah al ghashiyah they made to spread the deen and to defend its integrity and the efforts they made to aid the weak and the oppressed.

Due to all these efforts, amongst others, they will be pleased and satisfied riddaa on this Surah al ghashiyah.

The other efforts people made with regards to their work or business will not even come into their mind on that day and people will wonder why they even wasted time on these things. It is commented that that when these people see the reward for what they did, surah al ghashiyah will wish that everything they did in this life was solely for seeking the pleasure of Allah swt.

They will wish that they had not occupied themselves with any other project in this life.

Surah Ghashiyah, Chapter 88

The reality for us is that often surah al ghashiyah this life we have to force ourselves to strive in doing actions for the hereafter whereas doing actions for the dunya comes easily. It is difficult to motivate ourselves to strive for the hereafter as man loves the immediate reward which comes in the dunya.

Allah swt promises the man rich rewards surah al ghashiyah Jannah but as it feels far away it results in us delaying performing good deeds.

Firstly, when the believer sees his reward, he will be happy with himself for performing good deeds.

Surah Al Ghashiyah by Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany on Amazon Music -

Just being able to obey Allah swt is an honour and something we will thank Him swt for. A job is just a nine to five but when one gets a very senior position they want to thank the company through their pleasure at being given this elevated position and this will be the state of the believer on that Day.

Bear in mind that this is surah al ghashiyah Makki surah and that when the companions are giving dawah they are being insulted. Allah surah al ghashiyah advises them that even though surah al ghashiyah are being belittled it is in fact they that are honoured and they who will be relaxed in the hereafter where the tables will be turned on the disbelievers who in this world are relaxed.

People pay a lot of money to scale viewing platforms in many cities and when staying in a hotel will always try to stay in a room that is as high up as possible so that they can get the best possible view of everything.

Surah Al Ghashiyah

Also, when purchasing a property, those homes with stunning views are often more expensive and homes high up are additionally free from the risk of flooding.

After describing torture upon torture upon the disbelievers Allah swt is now describing blessing upon blessing for the believers. On top surah al ghashiyah the contentment the believers already have Allah swt gives another blessing. Jannah is a lush garden surah al ghashiyah the believer will be atop it amongst amazing fruits, flowers and vegetation.

The word laghiyah is worthless, obnoxious and useless speech and when things are said without thinking.

Translation of Surah Al-Ghaashiyah -

Allah swt by addressing the messenger saw has guaranteed that he will be the first to be in Jannah and that he will not hear surah al ghashiyah useless surah al ghashiyah there and this is a gift from Allah swt. This is important to the messenger saw as when he gives dawah people in response say lewd, obnoxious and insulting things.

Thus, one of the pleasures of Jannah is that there will be no words that hurt your feelings and make you feel bad.

You can be having the best day of your life but a few words can very easily take away all the pleasures and joys of that day. Consider also that when people seek to buy a property they will always want to live in an area where the neighbourhood is good, with no disturbances surah al ghashiyah rowdy behaviour from neighbours.

Allah swt has told us that the believers will reside in lofty gardens in the very surah al ghashiyah of neighbourhoods.