This is a review of The Coveted, Laura Thalassa's second book in The Unearthly Series. Gabrielle is stuck trying to figure out supernatural. All about The Coveted by Laura Thalassa. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. The Coveted has ratings and reviews. Al *the serial series skipper* said: stars because of OliverCan we just shut Oliver up, he irks me.


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I was worried about the relationship between Gab and Andre, but was pleasantly surprised with their interaction.

For the situations they were the coveted laura thalassa, the situation I picked up on them leaving just a few months ago, and for Gab's headspace, it had just the right amount of tension without going overboard and shattering that element.

I am interested in following this story futher. And what's up with the fates involvement?


But Gabrielle has a bigger problem. The world of the dead know about her, and their whispers hint that something is coming for her.

The Official Website of Laura Thalassa: The Coveted is Now Out!

And the coveted laura thalassa coming soon. The only person who semi redeemed themselves was Andre, but he also was a jackass at some moments. He does get some points though for being the only one concerned about the naked men showing up in her room in the middle of the night.

But of course his concern was written to look a bit like male jealously, or at least that how The coveted laura thalassa viewed it because she's a moron. Every time the devil appeared I couldn't really take him seriously because I just kept thinking about Lucifer from the show and I was like nah this aint the devil.

But that's my own thing. He was actually written decently well. I still might continue on with this series because I love vampire and supernatural school stories.

Also these stories are short and easy reads. But damn I hope they get the coveted laura thalassa. Oh and on the positive side, at least the cover actually kind of looks like her this time It kept me interested, and I didn't want to put it down. There's also some new supernatural beings that are introduced in this one.

Linz The Bookworm: Book Review: The Coveted by Laura Thalassa

I felt that Gabrielle stood up for herself in this one. I think she could end up being a really strong character throughout the series. I got the feeling that Gabrielle was growing and coming to terms with the coveted laura thalassa powers.

I enjoyed that in a lot of ways she saved herself and her friends, but her friends also saved her. It wasn't one the coveted laura thalassa or the other.