Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is a non-fiction work of comics by American cartoonist Scott McCloud. It explores formal aspects of comics, the  ‎Publication history · ‎Summary · ‎Awards and honors. Understanding Comics the Invisible Art by Scott Mccloud available in Trade Paperback on , also read synopsis and reviews. What better way to understand comics than to have a book done in the comic artform. It could have been easily titled "The world of comics.


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Living in Line How lines rendered in different ways can convey different meanings. Show and Tell Piecing together the words, pictures, panels, and sequencing to convey the story.

Pages to shows how a simple storyline of a person going out of the apartment to buy ice-cream could be depicted in different ways. The Six Steps Details the six steps or aspects to be considered in comic art: I found this chapter very theoretical.


A Word About Color Short chapter on the concept of color in comics. The first step in any such effort is to clear our minds of all preconceived notions about comics.


Only by starting from scratch can we discover the full range of possibilities comics offer. We are subjected to arbitrary education, test and criticism that are meant to 'guide' our 'understanding' of the creator's concept and execution - how to read them, how to properly experience them, how to get the most of it like the artist the invisible art scott mccloud us to.

I feel as though McCloud is saying, 'I'm the creator, and you are the reader. Through these lines and colour, I'm telling you what is being expressed. Do you get it?

Understanding comics : [the invisible art] (Book, ) []

Fuck this I don't have understand everything in order to appreciate it, have you never read Pynchon or seen anything David Lynch? Comic art is merely another form of story telling, it is equally capable of being as representational or avant-garde as any other art form.

McCloud also comments on how the merit of comics lies in its ability to convey 'individual the invisible art scott mccloud through mass production - really now?

If you want personal expression, why not read a few blogs, talk to strangers in the park, speaker's corner, open mic, go to a concert, underground gig, restaurant, the invisible art scott mccloud, public toilet, open market, join whatever radical societies there are out there?

It is almost ridiculous to have to remind people that comics are capable of being expressionistic, and please don't try to say your choice of material expresses something more profound, original than the others or with more efficiency.

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

Why the fuck should it be efficient? Aren't you arguing that comics can be art too? McCloud mentions, among other early works of graphic narrative, the Bayeux Tapestryas an antecedent to comics.

Iconic figures can the invisible art scott mccloud compared to your standard cartoon, while realistic figures focus more on photo-quality in terms of detail.

Understanding comics : the invisible art (Book, ) []

He states that our culture is captivated by iconic images more so due to their simplicity. He provides a full comparison and breakdown of iconic and realistic images and gives an interesting explanation of his reasoning behind this statement.

One of the book's key concepts is that of " masking ," a visual styledramatic conventionand literary technique the invisible art scott mccloud in the chapter on realism. It is the use of simplistic, archetypalnarrative characterseven if juxtaposed with detailed, photographicverisimilarspectacular backgrounds.