The Sea Wyvern's Wake. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” After a bit of rest, Lavinia had more work for you. It was time. Leading the way with The Sea Wyvern, the party was tailed by Lavinia in her ship, The Blue Nixie. Much time was spent pacifying the stronger. Savage Tide 6 - The Sea Wyvern's Wake. The voyage to the Isle of Dread continues. First up was a Crimson Fleet blockade. The Crimson Fleet.


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Their journey takes them from the city of Sasserine along the coast of the Amedio Jungle, and along the way they encounter several dangers and perils, including treachery from within.

The ships make a quick stop at the infamous ruins of Tamoachan to do a bit of exploring and discover the sea wyvern wake golden bat idol. Instead these wizards worship whatever Frog entity the sea wyvern wake is worshiped by the Temple of the Frog during the era of Blackmoor.

  • 3. The Sea Wyvern’s Wake | Savage Tide

I am not sure if this was ever defined for Msytara. As part of this they honor and work with slaad, seeking to spread the slaad presence into the world. The slaad who is currently helping them in Ravenscarp is named Nurn, a death slaad that works as a mercenary for Demogorgon as detailed in the sea wyvern wake 3.


Nurn has already departed Ravenscarp by the time the PCs return but they are able to catch the wizards and their frogfolk minions who have the sea wyvern wake yet fled.

The frogfolk minions are surgically enhanced by the wizards themselves, using crude techniques that leave significant scars and make them fanatically loyal to the wizards. For the baseline creature, I used the stats for a Pathfinder boggard.


The sticky tongue I just considered to be a variation among the species of frogfolk that these particular individuals have, but the terrifying croak power is explained by surgery scars the sea wyvern wake their throats.

I also gave these frogfolk the abilities from the Blackmoor froglins as detailed in my adaptation of the Bullywug Gambit, which can be found here.

Roll for Initiative: Savage Tide 6 - The Sea Wyvern's Wake

So six frogfolk minions, the sea wyvern wake of which are hiding in a pool in the entrance chamber of the Vanya temple. The rest are with the two wizards, a brother-sister pair of fraternal twins named Ciermaeth Jahn and Valia Jahn thanks to the Paizo messageboard for the names.

They may or may not share a telepathic link. Note that these are 30 point buy characters so adjust accordingly should you use them.

Savage Tide: Chapter 3 – The Sea Wyvern’s Wake (Pt. 1) | Nicolai Grunnet

As soon as the twins hear something out of the ordinary, they begin casting defensive magic starting with Shield and Mirror Image. Each keeps a frogfolk near them in order to cast some augmenting spells like Enlarge Person or Heroism.

When enemies get close the sea wyvern wake they will summon more defenders and engage with offensive spells. Should things go awry they will try to cast Obscuring Mist and escape. One twin can intuit if the other is dying and may be willing to surrender in exchange for saving the life of the other.


Should one be captured and the other is not the captured twin will remain silent trusting their sibling will rescue them from prison.

Next up is the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.

This is location C in the adventure and I recommend placing it the sea wyvern wake the Manacapuru tribal lands as specified by Davies in the link above. I have a copy of that should anyone want to see it, but I don't intend to just list all the details from the 32 page document here.

"Mystaraizing" the Savage Tide: The Sea Wyvern's Wake

But I will take the first major encounter from the document and make some changes to adapt it to Mystara and in the sea wyvern wake bring it into line with the Mystara almanacs which feature a Thyatian encounter with an old ruin in Manacapuru territory where they find the natives defend the ruins.

More details in my Savage Tide timeline In any case, the magazine has the pyramid the sea wyvern wake collapsed leaving some chambers exposed at ground level. There is a basilisk at location 1 which is the area near the open entrances into the pyramid.

At location 2 is a gibbering mouther which is also present in the 1E version. The Blue Nixie broke off to confront two of the ships.