This files are an extraction of the UCAC3 star catalog (Zacharias et al. )* for use with the Skychart software. They contain only a part of the original catalog. The UCAC3 catalog was released on August 10, at the IAU General in the UCAC4 catalog are already classified as "streak objects". Authors: The UCAC3 is a high density, highly accurate, astrometric catalog of ,, stars covering the entire sky. Proper motions and photometry are.


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Equations of the Ogorodnikov—Milne model, peculiarities of implementation of the calculation scheme in the vector spherical function technique to our purpose, and basic assumptions and ucac3 catalog are presented in Section 2.


Section 3 ucac3 catalog the description of our procedures used to select stars and Ucac3 catalog galaxies, to form stellar subsets, pixellize the data and estimate stellar distances. Results of our calculations and their analysis are covered in Section 4 for stars and UCAC3 galaxies.

UCAC3 Catalogue

A brief overview of the main conclusions is given in Section 5. The ucac3 catalog approach is to solve the corresponding condition equations by the least-squares method, with these equations representing either a specific model Ogorodnikov—Milne or Oort—Lindblad model or various series expansions.

Representation of the proper motions by complete orthogonal sets of functions also occurs in the practice of investigations of the ucac3 catalog velocity field.

Both approaches mentioned were used to estimate the effects of rotation in the UCAC3 proper motions.

The apparent velocity of a star with heliocentric vector may be represented to first-order terms according ucac3 catalog the following vectorial equation: We assume that residual velocities of stars have random distribution.

In this case, components of may be written as 2 Determination of all the nine elements of the matrix is possible in the case when all the three ucac3 catalog of apparent stellar velocities are ucac3 catalog including radial velocity and both of the proper motion components.

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The matrix may by divided into two parts: In the coordinate system adopted, positive rotations are those from axis 1 to 2, from axis 2 to 3 and from axis 3 to 1. Uncertainties in proper motion is expected to be less than 0. Photometry Gaia DR2 includes photometry in a three color bands: The uncertainties ucac3 catalog the magnitudes is estimated between 0.

ucac3 catalog

The ucac3 catalog includes astrometrc positions with an accuracy at epoch J With these observations, the UCAC is the first modern high-density, full-sky star catalog that is not based on photographic ucac3 catalog of the sky, but on recent CCD observations.

Results will be presented in a separate paper.


Even single image detections from the CCD data were ucac3 catalog into the final ucac3 catalog if they match up with any one of the other catalogs and are above a conservative detection threshold. This avoids accidental mismatches with very faint objects.

PlateSolve2 APM vs UCAC3 - Plate Solving - Main Sequence Software

Unconfirmed, faint, single images from UCAC observations are not included in the final catalog. Overexposed stars were propagated to the final catalog for reason of completeness. For those stars, and other problematic images, the image center fit often ucac3 catalog, which is indicated in the number of "used images" in UCAC3.

If this number is zero, no fit position could be obtained; instead, the provided position is only approximate, based on the centroid first moments of the light distribution in the pixel data. Photometry UCAC3 gives ucac3 catalog observed magnitudes, based on the volume of the image profile model fitted, and a true aperture photometry, respectively.

Thus, a photometric zero point was determined for each CCD exposure and applied to the instrumental magnitudes to arrive at our bandpass magnitudes based on the available Tycho-2 stars in a given field.

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An estimate of the photometric quality of a night is made from the average extinction coefficients of all CCD frames taken that night and compared ucac3 catalog other nights' results.

Since SGP knows the binning in each case and the pixel scale, it should be possible for SGP to work it out and load the correct scale into the ucac3 catalog platesolve settings?