What is the standard view of history is completely wrong? * What if science and writing developed from an advanced prehistoric civilisation in. Uriel's Machine: The Prehistoric Technology That Survived the Flood is a bestselling book published in by Christopher Knight and Robert ation date‎: ‎June An alien machine use. Uriel' s Machine vs sweet Uriel' s Machine vs sweet Description. An alien machine used for portal transport.


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Uriel's Machine - Wikipedia

The authors assert "Wherever [my emphasis] an observer is located, on the equinoxes The "wherever" condition is obviously incorrect — the azimuth of sunrise and sunset is partially determined by horizon topography.

However, even given the case uriel s machine a flat horizon level with the observer, the assertion is false.


At the nearest sunrise or sunset to the moment of equinox, the rise or set can never be exactly on the cardinal points at the latitude of the British Isles.

The final clause of uriel s machine assertion concerning shadow alignment is therefore entirely false. This is a consequence of atmospheric refraction, which causes the Sun to appear to rise before it does so geometrically; i.

Uriel S Machine The Prehistoric Technology That Survived The Flood 1 0712680071

The authors seem to believe that small astronomical telescopes are used "to magnify uriel s machine images uriel s machine stars" p Stars are essentially point objects and, as a consequence of the wave nature of light, increasing an aperture causes the image of a star to appear smaller [5].

Whilst it is a common misconception amongst lay-people, it is a surprising one for someone with a "keen interest in observational astronomy" as one of the authors describes himself to make.

In summary, I believe that the astronomical basis of this book is sufficiently flawed as to render any conclusions that the authors draw from uriel s machine to be highly suspect. Tidal drag has, over five millennia, the effect on the sidereal day is a mere 0. For some curious reason, the authors arrive at "just over ", thus giving a sidereal day of "just over" seconds; perhaps they are using the solar day, s, which gives However, they specifically refer to using a pendulum in uriel s machine to a star pso it is the sidereal, not solar, day that is relevant.

The only possible dates are 22 Sep and 23 Sep.


Five synodic revolutions of Venus uriel s machine place in 8 years to within a day. If Venus is represented by a pentagram, it most likely refers to the positions of successive similar positions of the planet's synodic revolution in relation to the stars. The pentagram describes the positions of the events, it does not, as Lomas and Knight assert, show how the planet "appears to move" — the apparent motion of Venus is far uriel s machine complicated.

The Astronomical Unit - Astrocrud - Uriel's Machine

This is true for telescopes whose aperture is less than that necessary to resolve a star into a disc. The smallest aperture that has yet done this is 2.

In Uriel's Machine Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas offer powerful new evidence that our uriel s machine was hit by seven mountain-sized uriel s machine of comet, creating a series of giant waves that ripped across the globe.

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Putting together the latest findings of leading geologists with their own sensational discoveries, they show how a civilisation merged and was able to build an international network of sophisticated astronomical observatories which provided accurate uriel s machine, could measure the diameter of the planet and accurately predict comet impact years in advance.

They reveal that this is the uriel s machine purpose of the great megalithic sites in Western Europe built long before the Egyptian pyramids. Further they show that the Book of Enoch, long a part of ancient uriel s machine of Freemasonry but then rediscovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, contains precise details on the building of a machine for the reconstruction of a shattered world.

Using hard science and their own reconstruction of an ancient technology in many ways more sophisticated than modern methods, Knight and Lomas put forward findings here that will change the way we view man's distant past - and my help us better understand our future.

The authors quote textual evidence from the book of Enochnoting other coincidences made between Enoch and astronomy; for example, it is said he lived years, which could be a reference to a year