View larger cover. Varieties of Unbelief: From Epicurus to Sartre: J. C. A. Gaskin: productFormatCode=P01 productCategory=2 statusCode=17 isBuyable=false. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Varieties of Unbelief: From ?file=varieties+of+unbelief+gaskin+pdf+printer. WE MAY ALL BE ATHEISTS THESE DAYS, BUT THE DISTINCTION BETWEEN BELIEVERS AND UNBELIEVERS IS NOT AS GREAT AS WE.


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Varieties of Unbelief - Martin E. Marty - Google книги

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Since it is surrounded by beliefs in gods, to preserve its identity it must also be antitheist; that is, it must reject the idea of God as a threat to human freedom.

varieties of unbelief Modern atheism or antitheismthen, must be regarded as an event, just as the other original families of unbelief under discussion are.

It occurs and can occur only where belief is or has been. But it differs from nihilism in that it can construct--and indeed desires to construct--positive views of history after the death of God.

Varieties of Unbelief: From Epicurus to Sartre

His corpse must be removed in order to make man free. Borne makes much of the basic divisions within atheism. He distinguishes an atheism of solitude and an atheism of solidarity, the former, Nietzschean God is dead, varieties of unbelief man becomes freeand the latter, Marxist God is dead, so man in the collective form becomes free to fulfill the historical varieties of unbelief.

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